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BERAN, V., GATICA-PEREZ, D., POTÚČEK, I., RIGOLL, G., SCHREIBER, S. and SMITH, K. Multi-Person Tracking in Meetings: A Comparative Study. In: Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction. Washington DC, 2006, p. 12.
Publication language:english
Original title:Multi-Person Tracking in Meetings: A Comparative Study
Title (cs):Porovnání metod pro sledování osob při jednáních
Proceedings:Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction
Conference:3nd Joint Workshop on Multimodal Interaction and Related Machine Learning Algorithms
Place:Washington DC, US
Tracking, Recognition, Face detection, Skin color
In this paper, we present the findings of the Augmented Multiparty Interaction (AMI) investigation on the localization and tracking of head positions in meetings. The focus of the study was to test and evaluate various tracking methods using a standardized data set and evaluation methodology.
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   pages = 12,
   booktitle = {Machine Learning for Multimodal Interaction},
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