BERAN Vítězslav. On-line Data Analysis Based on Visual Codebooks. Brno, 2011.
Publication language:english
Original title:On-line Data Analysis Based on Visual Codebooks
Title (cs):On-line Analýza Dat s Využitím Vizuálních Slovníků
Place:Brno, CZ
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on-line data analysis, real-time video processing, adaptive visual codebook, image local features
This work introduces the new adaptable method for on-line video searching in real-time based on visual codebook. The new method addresses the high computational efficiency and retrieval performance when used on on-line data.

The method originates in procedures utilized by static visual codebook techniques. These standard procedures are modified to be able to adapt to changing data. The procedures, that improve the new method adaptability, are dynamic inverse document frequency, adaptable visual codebook and flowing inverted index. The developed adaptable method was evaluated and the presented results show how the adaptable method outperforms the static approaches when evaluating on the video searching tasks.

The new adaptable method is based on introduced flowing window concept that defines the ways of selection of data, both for system adaptation and for processing. Together with the concept, the mathematical background is defined to find the best configuration when applying the concept to some new method.

The practical application of the adaptable method is particularly in the video processing systems where significant changes of the data domain, unknown in advance, is expected. The method is applicable in embedded systems monitoring and analyzing the broadcasted TV on-line signals in real-time.

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