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Modelling of L2 Management Protocols

Ac. year:2015/2016
Student:Rajca Tomáš
Supervisor:Veselý Vladimír, Ing., Ph.D.
Reviewer:Marek Marcel, Ing.
Department:Department of Information Systems FIT BUT
Branch of study:Computer Networks and Communication (Master)
Status:defended - final grade B
OMNeT++, network simulation, INET, ANSA, CDP, ODR, LLDP
This thesis deals with modelling and simulation of management protocols on the data-link layer in OMNeT++ tool. Namely protocol CDP, LLDP and ODR routing. These protocols are described in the first thesis' half and in the second half is described their design and implementation in ANSA project. Correctness of implementation is verified by comparison between simulated and real network examples. Also dependencies on module DeviceConfiguratoru were removed from ANSAINET library.
ISO 690 Citation
RAJCA, Tomáš. Modelling of L2 Management Protocols. Brno, 2016. Available from: Master's Thesis. Brno University of Technology, Faculty of Information Technology. 2016-06-21. Supervisor Veselý Vladimír.
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