Field of Study
Computer Science and Engineering

Degree Programme: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Bachelor, 3.5-years
Language of Instruction: czech
Form of Study: full-time
Guarantor:Drábek Vladimír, doc. Ing., CSc.
Study Plans:
Ac. YearTitle
2002/2003CSE - Bachelor Computer Science and Engineering
2003/2004CSE - Bachelor Computer Science and Engineering
2004/2005CSE - Bachelor 2004/5
2005/2006CSE - Bachelor 2005/6

The enlistment of the field into a degree programme:
The Computer Science and Engineering Branch is the only one branch of the Bachelor Study Program Computer Science and Engineering. Rules are the same as presented at a program card.
Study targets:
Aims of the Computer Science and Engineering Branch are the same as presented at a program card.
Extent of the final state examinations:
The State Final Examination has written and oral parts. The written part is an elaboration of a Bachelor Thesis. The oral part is a defence of the Bachelor Thesis, and a discussion based on selected compulsory courses which are Algorithms and Data Structures, Database Systems, Information Systems, Logic Systems, Operation Systems 1, Personal Computers - Technical Maintenance, Software Engineering, Computer Organization and Architecture, and Principles of Computer Graphics. The discussion will be held on two topics.
Alumnus profile:
Alumni of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Branch of Study are able to use both hardware and software systems on a high professional level.
Content and quantification of professional practice:
Special practice in companies is not prescribed.
Possible themes of final projects:
  • Information System for Lifetime Education Support.
  • Evaluation of User Interfaces.
  • Pseudocolors in Medical Imaging.
  • Software Package for the Evaluation of the GPS State.
  • Multiresolution Image Segmentation.
  • Smart Card Program Verifier.
  • Metamorphosis of 2D Polygonal Models.
  • Fractal Compression of One-Dimensional Signal.
  • Interactive Rendering of Building Interiors.
  • Dynamic Shadow Maps.

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