Discrete Mathematics

Completion:examination (written)
Type of
Hour/semLecturesSem. ExercisesLab. exercisesComp. exercisesOther
Guarantee:Kovár Martin, doc. RNDr., Ph.D., DMAT
Lecturer:Hliněná Dana, doc. RNDr., Ph.D., DMAT
Kovár Martin, doc. RNDr., Ph.D., DMAT
Instructor:Demchenko Hanna, Mgr., FEEC
Hliněná Dana, doc. RNDr., Ph.D., DMAT
Kovár Martin, doc. RNDr., Ph.D., DMAT
Rebenda Josef, Mgr., Ph.D., CEITEC
Staněk David, Mgr., FEEC
Svoboda Zdeněk, RNDr., CSc., DMAT
Faculty:Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT
Department:Department of Mathematics FEEC BUT
Algorithms (IAL), DIFS
Computer Graphics Principles (IZG), DCGM
Formal Languages and Compilers (IFJ), DIFS
Mathematical Analysis (IMA), DMAT
Modelling and Simulation (IMS), DITS
Numerical Methods and Probability (INM), DMAT
Moncomp.lab - Svobodaodd weekT8/52209:0010:501BIB3031
Monexercise - Svobodaeven weekT8/31209:0010:501BIB3031
Moncomp.lab - Svobodaodd weekT8/52209:0010:502BIAxxxx
Moncomp.lab - Svobodaodd weekT8/52209:0010:502BIBxxxx
Monexercise - Svobodaeven weekT8/31209:0010:502BIAxxxx
Monexercise - Svobodaeven weekT8/31209:0010:502BIBxxxx
Monexam - předtermín2017-12-18E11209:0010:501BIA
Monexam - předtermín2017-12-18E11209:0010:501BIB
Monexam - předtermín2017-12-18E11209:0010:502BIA
Monexam - předtermín2017-12-18E11209:0010:502BIB
Monexam - předtermín - hodnocení2017-12-18E10411:0015:501BIA
Monexam - předtermín - hodnocení2017-12-18E10411:0015:501BIB
Monexam - předtermín - hodnocení2017-12-18E10411:0015:502BIA
Monexam - předtermín - hodnocení2017-12-18E10411:0015:502BIB
Moncomp.lab - Kovárodd weekT8/50313:0014:501BIB3233
Monexercise - Kováreven weekT8/50313:0014:501BIB3233
Moncomp.lab - Kovárodd weekT8/50313:0014:502BIAxxxx
Moncomp.lab - Kovárodd weekT8/50313:0014:502BIBxxxx
Monexercise - Kováreven weekT8/50313:0014:502BIAxxxx
Monexercise - Kováreven weekT8/50313:0014:502BIBxxxx
Tueexam - předtermín2017-12-19E11209:0015:501BIA
Tueexam - předtermín2017-12-19E11209:0015:501BIB
Tueexam - předtermín2017-12-19E11209:0015:502BIA
Tueexam - předtermín2017-12-19E11209:0015:502BIB
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30T8/01011:0013:501BIA
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30T8/01011:0013:501BIB
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30T8/01011:0013:502BIA
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30T8/01011:0013:502BIB
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30D10511:0013:501BIA
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30D10511:0013:501BIB
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30D10511:0013:502BIA
Tueexam - 2. oprava2018-01-30D10511:0013:502BIB
Tuecomp.lab - Hliněnáeven weekT8/50313:0014:501BIA1011
Tuecomp.lab - Svobodaodd weekT8/50313:0014:501BIB3637
Tueexercise - Svobodaeven weekT8/31213:0014:501BIB3637
Tueexerciseodd weekT8/31213:0014:501BIA1011
Tuecomp.lab - Svobodaodd weekT8/50313:0014:502BIAxxxx
Tuecomp.lab - Svobodaodd weekT8/50313:0014:502BIBxxxx
Tueexercise - Svobodaeven weekT8/31213:0014:502BIAxxxx
Tueexercise - Svobodaeven weekT8/31213:0014:502BIBxxxx
Tuecomp.lab - Hliněnáeven weekT8/50313:0014:502BIAxxxx
Tuecomp.lab - Hliněnáeven weekT8/50313:0014:502BIBxxxx
Tueexerciseodd weekT8/31213:0014:502BIAxxxx
Tueexerciseodd weekT8/31213:0014:502BIBxxxx
Tuecomp.lab - Kovárodd weekT8/50315:0016:501BIB3839
Tueexercise - Kováreven weekT8/31215:0016:501BIB3839
Tuecomp.lab - Kovárodd weekT8/50315:0016:502BIAxxxx
Tuecomp.lab - Kovárodd weekT8/50315:0016:502BIBxxxx
Tueexercise - Kováreven weekT8/31215:0016:502BIAxxxx
Tueexercise - Kováreven weekT8/31215:0016:502BIBxxxx
Tueexercise - Kováreven weekT8/31217:0018:501BIB4041
Tuecomp.labodd weekT8/50317:0018:501BIB4041
Tueexercise - Kováreven weekT8/31217:0018:502BIAxxxx
Tueexercise - Kováreven weekT8/31217:0018:502BIBxxxx
Tuecomp.labodd weekT8/50317:0018:502BIAxxxx
Tuecomp.labodd weekT8/50317:0018:502BIBxxxx
Wedexercise - Kovárodd weekT8/31211:0012:501BIB3435
Wedcomp.lab - Kováreven weekT8/52211:0012:501BIB3435
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/52211:0012:501BIA1213
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/31211:0012:501BIA1213
Wedcomp.lab - Kováreven weekT8/52211:0012:502BIAxxxx
Wedcomp.lab - Kováreven weekT8/52211:0012:502BIBxxxx
Wedexercise - Kovárodd weekT8/31211:0012:502BIAxxxx
Wedexercise - Kovárodd weekT8/31211:0012:502BIBxxxx
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/52211:0012:502BIAxxxx
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/52211:0012:502BIBxxxx
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/31211:0012:502BIAxxxx
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/31211:0012:502BIBxxxx
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/50315:0016:501BIA1415
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/31215:0016:501BIA1415
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/50315:0016:502BIAxxxx
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/50315:0016:502BIBxxxx
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/31215:0016:502BIAxxxx
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/31215:0016:502BIBxxxx
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/50317:0018:501BIA1617
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/50317:0018:501BIA1617
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/50317:0018:502BIAxxxx
Wedexercise - Staněkeven weekT8/50317:0018:502BIBxxxx
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/50317:0018:502BIAxxxx
Wedcomp.lab - Staněkodd weekT8/50317:0018:502BIBxxxx
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11T8/03009:0011:501BIB
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11T8/03009:0011:502BIB
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11T12/2.17309:0011:501BIB
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11T12/2.17309:0011:502BIB
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11D10509:0011:501BIA
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11D10509:0011:502BIA
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11D020609:0011:501BIA
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11D020609:0011:502BIA
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11T8/01009:0011:501BIB
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11T8/01009:0011:502BIB
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11E11209:0011:501BIA
Thuexam - řádná2018-01-11E11209:0011:502BIA
Fricomp.lab - Hliněnáodd weekT8/50309:0010:501BIA1819
Friexercise - Hliněnáeven weekT8/31209:0010:501BIA1819
Fricomp.lab - Hliněnáodd weekT8/50309:0010:502BIAxxxx
Fricomp.lab - Hliněnáodd weekT8/50309:0010:502BIBxxxx
Friexercise - Hliněnáeven weekT8/31209:0010:502BIAxxxx
Friexercise - Hliněnáeven weekT8/31209:0010:502BIBxxxx
Fricomp.lab - Hliněnáodd weekT8/50311:0012:501BIA2021
Friexercise - Hliněnáeven weekT8/31211:0012:501BIA2021
Fricomp.lab - Hliněnáodd weekT8/50311:0012:502BIAxxxx
Fricomp.lab - Hliněnáodd weekT8/50311:0012:502BIBxxxx
Friexercise - Hliněnáeven weekT8/31211:0012:502BIAxxxx
Friexercise - Hliněnáeven weekT8/31211:0012:502BIBxxxx
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19D10511:0013:501BIA
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19D10511:0013:502BIA
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19D020611:0013:501BIA
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19D020611:0013:502BIA
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19T8/01011:0013:501BIB
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19T8/01011:0013:502BIB
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19T8/03011:0013:501BIB
Friexam - 1. oprava2018-01-19T8/03011:0013:502BIB
Learning objectives:
  The modern conception of the subject yields a fundamental mathematical knowledge which is necessary for a number of related courses. The student will be acquainted with basic facts and knowledge from the set theory, topology and especially the discrete mathematics with focus on the mathematical structures applicable in computer science.
  The sets, relations and mappings. Equivalences and partitions. Posets. The structures with one and two operations. Lattices and Boolean algebras.The propositional calculus. The normal forms of formulas. Matrices and determinants. Vector spaces. Systems of linear equations.The elementary notions of the graph theory. Connectedness. Subgraphs and morphisms of graphs. Planarity. Trees and their properties. Simple graph algorithms.
Knowledge and skills required for the course:
  Secondary school mathematics.
Learning outcomes and competences:
  The students will obtain the basic orientation in discrete mathematics and linear algebra, and an ability of orientation in related mathematical structures.
Syllabus of lectures:
  1. The formal language of mathematics. A set intuitively. Basic set operations. The power set. Cardinality. The set of numbers. Combinatoric properties of sets. The principle of inclusion and exclusion. Proof techniques and their illustrations.
  2. Binary relations and mappings. The composition of a binary relation and mapping. Abstract spaces and their mappings. Real functions and their basic properties. Continuity and discontinuity. The functions defined by recursion.
  3. More advanced properties of binary relations. Reflective, symmetric and transitive closure. Equivalences and partitions. The partially ordered sets and lattices. The Hasse diagrams.
  4. Algebras with one and two operations. Morphisms. Groups and fields. The lattice as a set with two binary operations. Boolean algebras.
  5. The basic properties of Boolean algebras. The duality and the set representation of a finite Boolean algebra.
  6. Predicates, formulas and the semantics of the propositional calculus. Interpretation  and  classification of formulas. The structure of the algebra of non-equivalent formulas. The syntaxis of the propositional calculus. Prenex normal forms of formulas. 
  7. Matrices and matrix operations. Determinant. Inverse and adjoint matrices. Determinant calculation methods.
  8. The vector space. Subspaces. The basis and the dimension. The coordinates of a vector. The transformation of the coordinates and the change of the basis. Linear mappings of vector spaces.
  9. Systems of linear equations. The Gauss and Gauss-Jordan elimination. The Frobenius theorem. The Cramer's Rule.
  10. The inner product. Orthonormal systems of vectors.  The orthogonal projection on a vector subspace. The cross product and the triple product.
  11. The elementary notions of the graph theory. Various representations of a graph.The Shortest path algorithm. The connectivity of graphs.
  12. The subgraphs. The isomorphism and the homeomorphism of graphs. Eulerian and Hamiltonian graphs. Planar and non-planar graphs.
  13. The trees and the spanning trees and their properties. The searching of the binary tree. Selected searching algorithms. Flow in an oriented graph.
Syllabus of numerical exercises:
  1. Practising and modelling of selected items of lectures.
Syllabus of computer exercises:
 Practising and modelling of selected items of lectures 8, 9 and 10.
Syllabus - others, projects and individual work of students:
 Five individual home-tasks/works - an instructor will inform.
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Controlled instruction:
  Pass out the practices.
Progress assessment:
  Pass out the practices in the prescribed range.