Seminar of Mathematics

Language of Instruction:Czech
Type of
Hour/semLecturesSem. ExercisesLab. exercisesComp. exercisesOther
Guarantor:Krupková Vlasta, RNDr., CSc., DMAT
Instructor:Krupková Vlasta, RNDr., CSc., DMAT
Faculty:Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT
Department:Department of Mathematics FEEC BUT
Mathematical Analysis (IMA), DMAT
Numerical Methods and Probability (INM), DMAT
Learning objectives:
  The goal is to improve or to repeat knowledge of high school mathematics needed for further study.
  High school mathematics.
Subject specific learning outcomes and competences:
  Improving or repeating knowledge of high school mathematics.
Generic learning outcomes and competences:
  The ability of formal mathematical expression.
Syllabus of numerical exercises:
  1. Adjustment of algebraic expressions 1
  2. Adjustment of algebraic expressions 2 
  3. Equations and inequations
  4. Equations and inequations with absolute value
  5. Functions
  6. Polynomials
  7. Goniometrical functions and equations
  8. Exponential functions and logarithm
  9. Analytic geometry 1 - linear 
  10. Analytic geometry 2 - conic sections
  11. Complex numbers 1
  12. Complex numbers 2
Fundamental literature:
  • Bušek, I.: Řešené maturitní úlohy z matematiky [Solved math problems for graduation]. Praha, Prometheus, 1999.
  • Chrastinová, M., Kolářová E.: Matematika - Přijímací zkoušky na vysoké školy [Mathematics - Admission tests to college]. Brno, FEI VUT, 2000.
  • Polák, J.: Přehled stredoškolské matematiky [Compendium of high school mathematics]. Praha, Prometheus, 2002.
  • Polák, J.: Středoškolská matematika v úlohách II [High school mathematics in exercises II]. Praha, Prometheus, 1999.
Study literature:
Controlled instruction:
  The presence is monitored. At most three absences can be excused.
Progress assessment:
  Two control tests  dealing with so far discussed topics.
Exam prerequisites:
  For the course-unit credit, it is necessary:
  • To attend exercises (no absence without an excuse is allowed and at most three absences with accepted excuse are allowed).
  • To obtain at least a 50 % score from control tests during the semester.

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