Educational Psychology

Language of Instruction:Czech
Completion:examination (verbal)
Type of
Hour/semLecturesSem. ExercisesLab. exercisesComp. exercisesOther
Guarantor:Jílek Martin, Ing., DFL
Lecturer:Jílek Martin, Ing., DFL
Instructor:Fiľová Petra, Mgr., DFL
Faculty:Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT
Department:Kabinet doplňujícího pedagogického studia
Learning objectives:
  The course provides students basic orientation in terminology of psychology and main psychological concepts. It should help them with forming of psychological insight to a problem that they will be able to use in their pedagogical praxis as well as in personal life.
  Course represents introduction to psychological studies. It is focused on methodology of psychology, Personality psychology, social psychology, developmental psychology, cognitive and general psychology, pedagogical psychology and neurophysiological basis of human brain. Psychological testing, discussion above case studies are involved.
Knowledge and skills required for the course:
  Interest in the subject.
Learning outcomes and competences:
  Students define basic psychological terms, subjects of study of psychological subdisciplines. Students define all cognitive processes and states. Students explain psychological mechanisms of Freudian model of Personality, behavioristic model of personality and humanistic Rogerian model of Self. In aplication of case studies students interpret unappropriate behavior of young adolescent students in adecvate psychological terms and formulate suitable pedagogical intervention with major psychological profit of student.
Syllabus of lectures:
 I. Systems of psychology.
II. Social psychology and psychology of communication.
III. Developmental psychology
IV. Personality psychology
V. Cognitive psychology
VI. Pedagogical and school psychology
Fundamental literature:
  • Čáp, J., Mareš, J.: Psychologie pro učitele. Praha, Portál, 2001 (in Czech).
  • Fontana, D.: Psychologie ve školní praxi. Příručka pro učitele. Praha, Portál, 1997 (in Czech).
  • Hartl, P., Hartlová, H.: Psychologický slovník. Praha, Portál, 2000 (in Czech).
Study literature:
Controlled instruction:
  The content and forms of instruction in the evaluated course are specified by a regulation issued by the lecturer responsible for the course and updated for every academic year.

Final test and oral examination.

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