Field of Study
Computer Science and Engineering

Degree Programme: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Master, 5-years
Language of Instruction: czech
Form of Study: full-time
Guarantor:Drábek Vladimír, doc. Ing., CSc.
Ac. YearTitle
2002/2003Computer Science and Engineering (ac.y. 2002/3)
2003/2004Computer Science and Engineering (ac.y. 2003/4)
2004/2005Computer Science and Engineering (ac.y. 2004/5)
2005/2006Computer Science and Engineering (ac.y. 2005/6)
2006/2007Computer Science and Engineering (ac.y. 2006/7)
The enlistment of the field into a degree programme:

The Computer Science and Engineering Branch of Study (VTI for short in Czech) is the only one branch of the Master Study Program Computer Science and Engineering. Rules are the same as presented at a program card.

Study targets:

Aims of the Computer Science and Engineering Branch of Study are the same as presented at a programme card.

Extent of the final state examinations:

The State Final Examination has two parts: A defence of the Master Thesis, and a discussion based on selected topics on selected compulsory courses which are Algorithms and Data Structures, Advanced Computer Architectures, Digital and Impulse Circuits, Database Systems, Logic Systems, Modelling and Simulation, Operating Systems 1, Parallel and Distributed Algorithms, Programming Languages, Data Communications and Computer Networks, Software Engineering, Theoretical Computer Science 1, Artificial Intelligence, Computability and Complexity, Computer Organization and Architecture, Principles of Computer Graphics and Principles of Compiler Design. The discussion will be held on two topics.

Alumnus profile:

Alumni of the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Branch of Study are able to design, and to use both hardware and software systems on a high professional level. Alumni are ECBS (Engineering of Computer-Based Systems) scientists and designers.

Content and quantification of professional practice:

Special practice in the industry is not prescribed.

Possible themes of final projects:
  • System for Development of Distributed Multi-Tier Applications
  • Multiple-Level Association Rules Discovery in Data
  • SFC Language Hierarchical Retargetable Editor With Petri Nets Generator
  • Building of Professional Technical Documentation Using System DocBook
  • ANSI-C Compiler Into Extended-Java-Bytecode Supported by NS COP8
  • Building of General Hypertext Documents Using XML Language
  • Adaptive Multilayer Networks
  • Fingerprint Recognition Using a Neural Network.
  • Compiler of an Extended Java Bytecode for Architecture NS COP8
  • WWW Presentation of Parallel Computations in Transputer Systems

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