Microsoft Windows Desktop Systems

Language of Instruction:Czech
Type of
Guarantor:Kurečka Radomír, Ing. (DIFS)
Lecturer:Kurečka Radomír, Ing. (DIFS)
Instructor:Bělohlávek Jiří, Ing. (FIT)
Butela Michal, Ing. (FBM)
Krontorád Jan, Ing. (FIT)
Mates Vojtěch, Ing. (FIT)
Šuba Filip, Bc. (FIT)
Faculty:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
Department:Department of Information Systems FIT BUT
Microsoft Enterprise Solutions (MW4), DIFS
Microsoft Windows Network Technologies (MW3), DIFS
Microsoft Windows Server Systems (MW2), DIFS
Programming .NET and C# (MW5), DIFS
Learning objectives:
  To obtain strong knowledge about administering, implementing and designing Microsoft Windows desktop systems and network technologies based on the technologies. Course will provide students with hands on practice at lab environment. Course will provide guidance for preparation for Microsoft certification exams for desktop systems.
  Introduction to administering Windows, introduction to network technologies TCP/IP, IP addresses, Administration of Windows: user accounts, file systems, user rigths vs. permissions, shared resources and printing, user environment (profiles, Group Policy), disk quotas, hardware and device drivers, troubleshooting system issues and backup, software installation, remote administration and Remote Desktop, system security (passwords, EFS, domains, Windows Firewall), auditing, security policies and templates, installation: unattended instalation CD based, network based, Service Packs, introduction to Remote Installation Services, Windows Update, administration tasks scripting.
Knowledge and skills required for the course:
  Common user ability to work with Microsoft Windows.
Subject specific learning outcomes and competencies:
  Ability to implement, manage, maintain and support Microsoft Windows desktop systems as well as troubleshoot common issues.
Generic learning outcomes and competencies:
  General insight into problems of computer networks and their implementation.
Syllabus of lectures:
  1. System architecture, History, Processes, multitak, services, multi user, networking, multimedia, minimum system requirements, HCL
  2. Instalation and upgrade systému, Upgrade, instalaion loging, Unattend instalation, Instalation from network, RIS, sysprep a riprep station part
  3. Hardware and drivers, Plug and Play ,Windows driver model, Hardware abstraction layer, driver signing, multiprocessor systems, Device manager
  4. Disk management, Primary and extended partition, MBR,
    File systems, Dynamic disks, defragmentation, disk cleanup 
  5. Performance, Botlencsk subsystems - processor, memory, disk, network, Task manager, System monitor and Performance logs and alerts conzole, System information, Performance maintaining
  6. Software and systéem aktualization , Administrativ tools,
    Software a komponents, msi packages, Service pack andhotfix, Windows update a package distribution, automatic updates, sigverif
  7. Users and groups, user accounts propperties, skupiny default users and groups, Authentication, Access token, password policies
  8. User Desktop, Control panel, Accesibility tools,
    local a roaming profiles, mandatory profiles,
    Fast user switching
  9. NTFS file system, NTFS properties: Permitions, indexation, Inheritence, copy and moving, cacls command
  10. Network configuration, MS Windows networks network protokols (NetBeui, IPX/SPX) TCP/IP, klient sítě MS Win, sdílení, default configuration, IP address configuration, DNS, WINs servers, alternative configuration, Detekce commands: ipconfig, ping, tracert, Virtual connections (NIS, modem/VPN), Domains and workgroups 
  11. Sharing, local and network access, Administrative sharing, sharing permittions, Map network drive, Offline files, Net use, net share, net view
  12. EFS security, encryption theory, moving and copy,
    import a export certifikates, Recovery agents, Command cipher
  13. Backup and recovery, Event viewer, Authomatic repare
Fundamental literature:
Study literature:
  • http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/study/courses/MW1/private/mw1.zip
  • Mistrovství v sítích Microsoft Windows XP, Curt Simmons, James Causey, ISBN: 80-251-0583-0
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Paul McFedries, Scott Andersen, Austin Wilson, Geoff Winslow, ISBN: 80-251-0037-5
  • Microsoft Windows XP Professional Training Kit, Microsoft Corporation, ISBN: 80-7226-717-5
Controlled instruction:
  No requirements.
Exam prerequisites:
  No requirements.

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