Ac.Year:ukončen 2010/2011 (Not opened)
IT-BC-3BIT2ndCompulsory-Elective - group T
Language of Instruction:Czech
Public info:http://www.fit.vutbr.cz/study/courses/IST/public/
Type of
Hour/semLecturesSem. ExercisesLab. exercisesComp. exercisesOther
Guarantor:Janoušek Vladimír, doc. Ing., Ph.D., DITS
Faculty:Faculty of Information Technology BUT
Department:Department of Intelligent Systems FIT BUT
Substitute for:
Object Oriented Modelling and Prototyping (OMP), DITS
Learning objectives:
  To learn programming in pure object-oriented language Smalltalk and using basic design patterns.
  Pure object orientation. Smalltalk - language. Smalltalk - programming environment. Programming in Smalltalk. Debugging and maintenance. Smalltalk - class library. Programming techniques,development of applications.
Knowledge and skills required for the course:
  Ability to program in arbitrary programming language.

Learning outcomes and competences:
  Ability to aply pure object-orientation in design and implementation of highly portable applications with GUI even with web interface. Ability to prototype applications. Ability to easily adapt to another object-oriented programming language.
Syllabus of lectures:
  1. Pure object-orientation.
  2. Smalltalk - language and system.
  3. Smalltalk - programming environment.
  4. Programming in Smalltalk.
  5. Debugging and maintenance.
  6. Smalltalk - basic classes, programming techniques.
  7. GUI architecture.
  8. Development of applications with GUI.
  9. Parallel and distributed programming, network applications.
  10. Development of applications with web interface.
  11. Multimedia.
  12. Interoperability, databases.
  13. Summary, conclusion.
Syllabus - others, projects and individual work of students:
  • A small application in Smalltalk.
Fundamental literature:
  • Adele Goldberg and Dave Robson: Smalltalk-80: The Language. Addison Wesley, 1989, ISBN 0-201-13688-0, 585 pages.
Study literature:
  • Wilf LaLonde and John Pugh: Inside Smalltalk, Vol. 1, Prentice Hall, 1990 (ISBN: 0134684141).
  • http://www.smalltalk.org/
Exam prerequisites:
  Working application in Smalltalk, written test.

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