Russian Pre-Intermediate 2/2

Ac.Year:ukončen 2004/2005 (Not opened)
Language of Instruction:Czech
Completion:credit+exam (written&verbal)
Type of
Guarantor:Baumgartnerová Alena, PaedDr. (DFL)
Instructor:Baumgartnerová Alena, PaedDr. (DFL)
Faculty:Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT
Department:Department of Foreign Languages FEEC BUT
Russian for Beginners (JR1), DFL
Learning objectives:
  Developing communicative abilities based on continuous training of listening skills and reading comprehension skills. Increasing the level of expressing ideas in speaking and writing in a self-confident way. The basics of specialized language.
  The course builds on the course JR1, or as the case may be, it can be attended by lower-intermediate students. It revises the material of the previous course in close connection with introducing and practising new language phenomena together with development of listening, reading, communicative and writing skills: everything accompanied by all-round increasing of the knowledge level. Basics of working with specialized texts.
Learning outcomes and competencies:
  Increased level of scope, self-confidence, contextuality and fluency of speaking and writing abilities. Ability to express personal opinion and attitude in a discussion and during problem-solving situations. Free translation skills and abilities of elementary interpreting. Specialized texts reading comprehension followed by a presentation.
Syllabus of numerical exercises:
  • Unit 1: reunion after some time; dialogues; revision
  • Enquiring and responding, activities during the holidays; reading comprehension; noun declension
  • General topic conversations; verb conjugation
  • Unit 2: appearance and description; verb put on; reading comprehension, dialogues
  • Filling a form; adjective declension; fiction reading comprehension
  • Clothing, job interview; expressing the date. Technical text
  • Unit 3: personal characteristics; adjectives, pronouns what and which
  • Expressing the cause, personal opinion; verb patterns different from Czech
  • Reciprocity, necessity, possibility; apologizing; reading and listening comprehension
  • Unit 4: travelling; date and telling the time; listening comprehension, dialogues
  • Weather in various seasons of the year; adjectives; reading and listening comprehension. Technical text
  • Customs connected with seasons, reading and listening comprehension; revision
  • Autumn semester test written
  • Unit 5: travelling by train, geographical and time expressions; the superlative
  • The environment; the verb give; reading comprehension. Technical text
  • Environment protection; numbers 100 - 1000 - 1000000, adjective declension
  • Unit 6: accommodation, hotel; expressing necessity, reading and listening comprehension, dialogues
  • Travelling by plane; conditionals, verb conjugation and verb patterns; reading comprehension. Technical text
  • Welcoming a guest, telegram writing; fiction reading comprehension, listening, dialogues
  • Unit 7: food and drinks; imperative; listening comprehension
  • Shopping for food, eating habits; expressing of purpose; reading and listening comprehension
  • Going to a restaurant; reading and listening comprehension, dialogues. Technical text
  • Unit 8: lifestyle; verb patterns different from Czech, indefinite pronouns and adverbs
  • Health care; the comparative of adjectives and some adverbs; reading and listening comprehension, dialogues
  • Demonstrative pronouns; reading comprehension, technical text; General revision
  • Spring semester test written
Progress assessment:
  • Active participation in seminars
  • Self-study and fulfilling the set tasks
  • 75% attendance
  • Progress tests
Exam prerequisites:
  • Mastering the material of the semester
  • Success at written semester test (min. 50%)

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