English: Headway Upper-Intermediate 2/2

Ac.Year:ukončen 2005/2006
IT-BC-3BIT-Compulsory-Elective - group A
Language of Instruction:Czech, English
Completion:credit+exam (written&verbal)
Type of
Guarantor:Froehling Kenneth A., M. A. (DFL)
Instructor:Froehling Kenneth A., M. A. (DFL)
Neuwirthová Ludmila, PhDr., Ph.D. (DFL)
Faculty:Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication BUT
Department:Department of Foreign Languages FEEC BUT
New Headway Intermediate (JH3), DFL
New Headway Intermediate 2 (BAN4), DFL
English Everyday Conversation (JA3), DFL
English for Europe (AEU), DFL
Listening (JA7), DFL
Preparatory Course for CFC (JA1), DFL
Professional English for Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (JA9), DFL
Reading Skills (JA2), DFL
Learning objectives:
  Learners at this level no longer examine language items in isolation. Reading, listening, pronunciation, grammar and writing are treated as a whole and in greater depth. Also, technical text themes are a required part of this course. This course, in combination with the First Certificate of English, prepares students for advanced interntational exams in the language. Moreover, it prepares students in understanding and presenting technical text material in English. Note: The course takes two semesters.
  This is the standard course in upper-intermediate English which builds on what was learnt in previous English courses. Writing, pronunciation and presentation is improved upon too. Sources: New Headway Upper-Intermediate, The Course in Electrical Engineering.
Knowledge and skills required for the course:
  Successful passing the course JH4/1.
Learning outcomes and competencies:
  Grammar is treated in greater depth, as are pronunciation, reading comprehension, vocabulary and vocabulary usage. The use of everyday social expressions and idioms, and the context in which they are use, are also an integral part of the course.
Syllabus of numerical exercises:
  • Unit 1, pp. 6-7
  • Unit 1, pp. 8-15
  • Unit 2, pp. 16-18
  • Unit 2, pp. 19-26
  • Unit 3, pp. 27-29, technical text "Tight Fit"
  • Unit 3, pp. 30-37, technical text "Look, No Hands"
  • Unit 4, pp. 38-40, technical text "Reeling in Satellites"
  • Unit 4, pp. 41-46
  • Unit 5, pp. 47-49
  • Unit 5, pp. 50-57
  • Unit 6, pp. 58-59
  • Unit 6, pp. 60-61
  • Autumn semester test written
  • Unit 7, pp. 68-71
  • Unit 7, pp. 72-76
  • Unit 8, pp. 77-79
  • Unit 8, pp. 80-87
  • Unit 9, pp. 88-91
  • Unit 9, pp. 92-97, technical text "The Big Picture"
  • Unit 10, pp. 98-99, technical text "The End of the Chip"
  • Unit 10, pp. 100-107, technical text "The Internet"
  • Unit 11, pp. 108-111
  • Unit 11, pp. 112-117
  • Unit 12, pp. 118-120
  • Unit 12, pp. 121-127
  • Spring semester test written
Progress assessment:
  • Two progress tests
  • Stop and check
Exam prerequisites:
  Each student must receive a minimum mark of 50% in both semester tests.

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