Selected Chapters of History

Ac.Year:ukončen 2010/2011 (Not opened)
IT-BC-3BIT-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MBI-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MBS-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MGM-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MGM.-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MIN-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MIN.-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MIS-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MIS.-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MMI-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MMM-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MPS-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MPV-Compulsory-Elective - group H
IT-MSC-2MSK-Compulsory-Elective - group H
Language of Instruction:Czech
Type of
Guarantor:Klapetek Milan, Mgr. (ILL)
Faculty:Centre of Education and Counselling of BUT
Learning objectives:
  The aim of the course is to give the students a better insight into the basic issues of human community during the course of history, for better understanding of the substance of various contemporary streams of thought, and better perceptiveness of the fundamentals of civil society.
  This course addresses some significant periods or historical events in both the world and the Czech history.
Knowledge and skills required for the course:
  No prerequisities.
Learning outcomes and competencies:
  The understanding of historicity of our existence and its consequences gives rise not only to better understanding of the past but also to better orientation in the contemporary world. The subject should give a better basis for the understanding of history.
Syllabus of lectures:
  1. Origins and beginnings of historical mind.
  2. Primeval eastern cultures in the light of the history.
  3. Ancient superpowers in peace and at war.
  4. History of a nation that lived for the idea.
  5. Greek democracy in a form we did not experience yet.
  6. Alexander contra Démosthénes.
  7. What was between Rome and the medieval age?
  8. French revolution.
  9. Ways of Europe to the eastern cultures.
  10. The United States of America, an experiment of the New World.
  11. Beginnings of the National Revival.
  12. Czech National Revival.
  13. Contemporary times and the theory of the "end of history".
Fundamental literature:
  • Burckhardt, J.: Úvahy o světových dějinách (in Czech)
  • Horyna, B.: Idea Evropy (in Czech)
  • Johnson, P.: Zrození moderní doby (in Czech)
  • Davies: Evropa - dějiny jednoho kontinentu (in Czech)
  • Kosina: Světové dějiny (in Czech)
Study literature:
  • van Loon: Dějiny lidstva (in Czech)
  • Gombrich: Dějiny lidstva (in Czech)
Controlled instruction:
  Presence at the lectures.
Exam prerequisites:
  Presence at the lectures with passing the examination and furnishing a written work.

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