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Presenting Squeak

Please add resources here on presenting Squeak to folks.

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Some tips for presentations:

See http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeak/925
for some enhanced morphs and a movie created with
Squeak. (including a tutorial how to do this)

You can also use the following code snippets in a workspace:

1. The worlds smallest drawing program (Author: Unknown)

myPen := Pen new defaultNib: 2.
myPen up; goto: Sensor mousePoint; down.
[Sensor waitButton ; yellowButtonPressed] whileFalse:
[Sensor redButtonPressed
ifTrue: [myPen goto: Sensor mousePoint]].

2. Star Wars like Scroller (Author: Bert Freudenberg)

warp src dest
"Star wars like scrolling"
warp _ (WarpBlt toForm: Display)
cellSize: 1;
sourceForm: Display;
cellSize: 2;
combinationRule: Form over.
src _ {-200@-100. -50@100. 50@100. 200@-100}.
dest _ 0@0 corner: 200@100.
Display restoreAfter: [
[Sensor anyButtonPressed] whileFalse:
[warp copyQuad: src + Sensor cursorPoint
toRect: dest]]

If you want to present Squeak to people you should show/mention the
following cool things in Squeak:
(you can also write a tape)

Maybe http://homes.acmecity.com/animation/dynamite/405/ can give you a
little help. It's not yet finished. Click on "About Squeak"
to find videos, screenshots, ...
Note that this page is temporary until I find a appropriate free server with

ftp access and no advertising. So please don't set links to this page.

Hope this helps


WheelMorph example