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Squeak Groups

Squeak Central - The core Squeak team working at Disney

MathMorphs - Squeakers in Buenos Aires
New England Squeakers - Squeakers that reside in the Greater Boston area
NYC Metro Area Squeakers - Squeakers living and/or working in and around New York City
StArK - Squeakers (and Smalltalkers) in Kiel
Western Pennsylvania Squeakers - Squeakers in an around Pittsburgh and Allegheny County.
ISUG (http://neptune.sal.disco.unimib.it:8080/isug/) - The Italian Smalltalk User group...(not only Squeak)
There is also a mailing list. Email to giorgi_g@geocities.com for
more information.

(Also, see Who's Where for more information on Squeak-interested people near you.)