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Hans-Martin Mosner

Hans-Martin likes almost all squeaky things.
Hans-Martin loves Squeak because it reminds him of his first Smalltalk experiences 11 years ago. He is a self-proclaimed "Senior Smalltalk Guru :-)." He's recently installed a Swiki at a customer's site as a "project whiteboard". When he's got some spare time, he's working on translating primitives into native code dynamically.

His squeaky interests are DynamicPrimitives, ThreeDimensionalGraphics, Virtual Machine Hacking, Maximum Squeak, SqueakModularization, Collage... so much to do, so little time.

What if you had...

<img src="">
Sorry for the poor picture. It was taken with our Indy camera with almost no light. I'll find a better picture someday...hmm