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Downloading Squeak

The current release of Squeak is 2.8 as of August, 2000.
See Squeak 2.8 Testing

Why is there no squeak2.8.sources file in any of the archives?
Answer: You use the same SqueakV2.sources file with all Squeak 2.x releases.

To download Squeak for almost all platforms, go to ftp://st.cs.uiuc.edu/pub/Smalltalk/Squeak/ and at these ftp mirrors, look under the directory with the latest version number... the .zip/.tar/.sea download files should be in there. If there is not a Squeak download file for your platform in that directory, check the previous version directories. Information on recent SqueakVersions. Note: you should first check the UIUC ftp site listed above for the most up-to-date downloads, before looking at the platform-specific sites below.

Read the very liberal PlainEnglishLicenseTerms under which Apple released this technology. The licence does require that modifications to Squeak itself be shared in source form with the whole community, which allows you to be your own OfficialSupport

To run Squeak, you need, at a minimum, two files:
  1. Some version of a portable .image file, and
  2. A platform specific virtual machine to interpret it.
To browse source inside Squeak, you need two more files:
  1. The .sources file common to all versions, and
  2. The .changes file for the specific image you choose.
To port Squeak to a new platform, you need the above files, plus a few platform specific C source files from other ports to use as examples.

Download sites vary in how they package these necessities. The bigish sources file is often stored separately from the other files since it is platform and version independent.

To update Squeak to the latest Stable Release:

See also Squeak Alpha Testing