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View Smalltalk files in a browser just as if you would install them. Notable features:

William Dargel (thanks!) has ported the ParcPlace FileContentsBrowser (TPR note: this is Andreas' own work I think, not ParcPlace's at all). http://isgwww.cs.uni-magdeburg.de/~raab/fcb/FileContentsBrowser-Squeak2.0.st (from email from Andreas Raab, 14 Jul 98)

Get API calls for Squeak 1.23 under Windows: WindowsApiCalls

Applescript Plugin:

A plugin providing access to the Applescript scripting language on MacOS computers. Requires Squeak 2.6 or later. Applescript Plugin Contact Andrew C. Greenberg with any comments or complaints.

Squeak Benchmarks:

See EdKleban's tool-ridden webpage "Ed's Squeaky Schemes": (http://www.kleban.com/Pages/Pages/SqueakSite/SqueakPages/EdsSqueakySchemes.html)
Note: this site is down, but should eventually return.

Some topics:

Refactoring Browser

Various Tools in the STP12 Goodies Collection
See http://www.create.ucsb.edu/squeak/STP12.html for details and screen shots. For more info, mail Stephen Pope at stp@create.ucsb.edu

The Package Browser
Traditional Six-paned Browser (i.e., the class categories are split into a 2-level hierarchy).

The Squeak Launcher
Transcript view with buttons to start the most common applications.

The Outline Browser
A hierarchical text workspace view (useful for on-line documents).

The Time Profile Browser
An indented list for browsing the "call graph" of a MessageTally profile.

OSProcess - Operating system process access for Squeak

OSProcess provides access to operating system functions, including pipes, stdin/stdout/stderr, child process creation, and Squeak image cloning (fork into two Squeaks from the running image). It is implemented using pluggable primitives in a loadable module for Linux and will probably work on most Unix systems.

Dave Lewis mailto:lewis@mail.msen.com

Object Explorer

Bob Arning's Object Explorer is a improved inspector which uses a hierarchy/tree widget to inspect the contents of an object to any depth. A version for Squeak 2.4 is available at: (http://www.charm.net/~arning/ObjectExplorer.21Jun359pm.cs).
Included in Squeak since version 2.5.

Note: There are several other tool-related goodies on Bob's page at BobArning, such as the Source Comparison Browser, the SyntaxMorph graphical syntax viewer, and BobsBrowser.

Kent Beck's SUnits Testing Framework
The SUnits Testing Framework by Kent Beck and Erich Gamma.

Lisp Interpreter

On NISHIHARA Satoshis Squeak goodies page
http://www.sra.co.jp/people/nishis/smalltalk/Squeak/goodies/index.html you will find
It files in fine on a 2.4 image.

How to start

You need to be in an MVC project for this lisp package to work properly.

(1) evaluate
LispInterpreter open
LispInterpreter fullOpen

Both bring up a Lisp interpreter window, divided vertically into
two panes. You type an S-expression to be evaluated into the upper
pane, select it (like a Smalltalk expression), and then doIt,
inspectIt, etc. With the barebones (#open) window, you have to
use the mouse; the #fullOpen window has buttons for the more
common actions.
(See the class side of LispInterpreter, under examples, for more
examples of usage.)

(2) Results of evaluating an S-expression appear in the lower pane.
Unlike the VW implementation, which is a bit closer to CommonLISP,
this version does not know about keywords. So evaluating somethinglike

(cons :a :b)
results in
* Error: :a is unbound atom

(For those who are not LISP-cognizant, in CommonLISP atoms with a
leading ':' are interned in the keyword package, and are self evaluating.)

(cons 'a 'b)

on the other hand evaluates to the expected:

(a . b)

Happy LISPing.


TimeZone support for Squeak

TimeZone provides support for time zone databases directly in Squeak, as well as a number of related time functions. UTC offsets and leap seconds are supported, and time zone rules may be loaded directly from compiled tzfile files as provided on many newer Unix-like systems.

Dave Lewis mailto:lewis@mail.msen.com