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Bugs and Fixes

The official method for submitting bug reports and fixes is to post to the Squeak Email List.

The post should include in the subject line the keyword [BUG] (for bug reports), [FIX] (bug fixes), [ENH] (enhancements), [GOODIE], or [ANN] (announcements), as appropriate. These keywords are necessary to automatically compile the reports into the Bug Fixes Archive at http://swiki.gsug.org/SQFIXES/.

If you are submitting a fix, preferably you should compress (gzip) your changeset file before submitting it to the list. (You can use the "compress" menu item in the File List window to do this.) Here is a more detailed description from Stefan Matthias Aust on How to Submit Bugs, Fixes and Enhancements.

For more information on the bugfix/release process, see How fixes, enhancements, etc. become updates.