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Production Squeak

This is a place to find out about commercial and non-commercial uses of Squeak.

Squeak web servers:

Much of what I know about Squeak, I learned by building Questa's Soil Classification application, which displays soil sample data as a ternary plot, and classifies each sample by its USDA standard soil texture.

Lawrence Press
Questa Engineering Corp.

Liberty BASIC

The Liberty BASIC Home Page is commercial website served using Squeak's pluggable web server at http://www.libertybasic.com!!
There's a swiki for Liberty BASIC too at http://www.libertybasic.com/CoWeb!!

I'm using Squeak to write an autonomous controller for a robotic submersible. You can check out some screenshots of the autonomous controller running in a simulator (also written in Squeak) at:


I will eventually port the autonomous controller (AC) to Pocket Smalltalk, since Squeak doesn't really fit on a Palm device. The AC code is basically Smalltalk-independent, while the simulator is definitely Squeak-only, using Morphic for all the graphics stuff, and the animation in Morphic to both animate the GUI and to also step the AC.

Jon Hylands Jon@huv.com

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