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Squeak-Specific Media

Squeak Books are a nice medium for sharing knowledge.

SqueakPages are perhaps the first example of a media form that is Squeak-specific. Maybe Morphic objects in general are, too.

Squeak inside a webbrowser or as some call them: Squeaklets.

Karl Ramberg here you can see how to embed Squeaklets on the swiki.

Image segments : Downloadable morphic projects from the internet (see Image segments examples)

See also Graphic, Video and Animation for other squeak media formats

There are a bunch of SqueakPages at http://minnow.cc.gatech.edu/squeakpages.1. There is also code there for launching SqueakPages from traditional Web browsers, tweaking Scamper to work with SqueakPages, executing code tags by clicking on them, and saving SqueakPages to Swikis.