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Squeak Cookbook

About the Squeak Cookbook

This page won't very well help people learn deep secrets of Squeak. What it will do is provide handy solutions for common problems. This page is just as editable as any other on the Wiki, so feel free to update a recipe or add a new one. If you think something is missing, feel free to add a question without an answer--someone will hopefully come along who can fill in the details.

Please do read Squeak Cookbook Style before making significant changes, to see what others were thinking. Of course, feel free to improve on it.


Recipe: Printing some Status Information from Your Program

Recipe: Counting Elements in a Collection

Recipe: Reading a file

Recipe: Processing each file in a directory with a specific extension

Recipe: Doing Something to Each Line in a File

Recipe: Grabbing a Page from the Web

Recipe: How to use an IconicButton in Morphic

Recipe: How to implement the Singleton Pattern
see Singleton

Receipe: How to write a launch pad
see The AlignmentMorph (Morphic)
see OneWindowOneButton (MVC)

Printing Graphics

This is a recipe waiting to be written by somebody...


See Postscript Support.

Playing Movies


See how to create a squeak movie.

List Morph


See how to implement a List Morph.

Creating new Fonts


See How to create new text fonts, and fill in the rest of this recipe :-).

Changing the width of the scrollbars


You want to change the width of the scrollbars to either save screen estate or just have a little different UI look.


Go to the class ScrollPane and change the constant in the method

scrollbarWidth "Includes border"
^ 12


Squeak email list - Stephen T. Pope - 1 Dec 1999

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