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Tips and Tricks

Those neat, useful little hidden capabilities, goodies, and shortcuts in Squeak -- what they are, where to find them, how to use them. See also SqueakBonMots.

  1. Use shift+right-click in windows/panes with menus that cascade to "more..." submenus to pop up the submenu directly.
  2. To apply syntax coloring to code in a browser text pane: hold down a shift key, right-click to get the menu, select "pretty print", then let go of the shift key.
  3. Use shift+click on the Squeak desktop to pop up the "find window" menu for the project. In Morphic it lists open windows first, then a separator line, then minimized windows -- and windows with input that has been changed but not saved are shown in red.
  4. Dwight Hughes teaches how to copy a class: "Well, this is not quite as simple as it should be. A trick that works well is to fileout the original class, "rename..." the original class in the browser to the new class name, and then filein the original class -- giving you both the new copy and the old."