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Squeak Central Project List

Squeak Central Projects are not better in any way from projects listed at Projects or elsewhere. They are just Squeak Central Projects.

There are two kinds of Squeak Central Projects: Internal Projects on which Squeak Central is actively working, and External Projects that we agree are important to the future of Squeak, and from which we therefor have a commitment to integrate useful results as they appear.

Where we are headed generally

As background for understanding what Squeak Central (SqC) is up to, you are referred to the latter part of The Future of Squeak and other nearby links for this background.

Internal Projects

Here are the three main areas in which Squeak Central is actively working as of February, 2000, and certainly for the next three months.

External Projects

Below is a list of external projects. Please read the ground rules in SqueakCentralProjects before making changes to these entries. Thanks.

NOTE: The following items are mostly all six months old. I will try to go through and bring them up to date [current] as time allows.