Doctoral Degree Programme
Computer Science and Engineering

Study length: 4 years
Code: P2651
Mode of study: full-time, combined
Field of study:
Abbrv.NameLanguage of
DVI4Computer Science and Engineeringczech, englishavailable
Study targets:
The goal of the doctoral degree programme is to provide outstanding graduates from the master degree programme with a specialised university education of the highest level in certain fields of computer science and information technology, including especially the areas of information systems, computer-based systems and computer networks, computer graphics and multimedia, and intelligent systems. The education obtained within this degree programme also comprises a training and attestation for scientific work.
The conditions that must be fulfilled by a student during the study period and when finishing the studies:
The requirements that the doctoral students have to fulfil are given by their individual study plans, which specify the courses that they have to complete, their presupposed study visits and active participation at scientific conferences, and their minimum pedagogical activities within the bachelor and master degree programmes of the faculty. A successful completion of the doctoral studies is conditional on the following:
  • The student has to pass a doctoral state examination within which he/she has to prove a deep knowledge of methodologies, theories, and their applications in accordance with the state of the art in the areas of science that are given by the courses included in his/her individual study plan and by the theme of his/her future dissertation thesis. The doctoral state examination also encompasses an evaluation of the presumed goals of the future dissertation thesis of the student, of the chosen solution method, and of the so far obtained original results.
  • The student has further to prepare and defend his dissertation thesis.
The knowledge and other presumptions that must be fulfilled by a candidate to be accepted for studies:
A student may be admitted to the doctoral degree programme provided that he/she graduated from an master degree programme from the area of computer science and engineering and provided that he/she passes an entrance examination. In order to be able to successfully pass the entrance examination, the student is required to select a theme of his/her future dissertation thesis from among of those offered by the faculty, to have an outstanding knowledge of the theory and applications related to the chosen theme, to have skills for scientific work, to have good English language skills, and to obtain an approval from his/her future supervisor.
Seasons during the standard study period in weeks:
Semester1st W1st S2nd W2nd S3rd W3rd S4th W4th STotal
Teaching period1313131313131313104
Examination5555    20
Professional practice        0
The rules for including courses into the curriculum:
The rules are determined by the directions of the dean for preparing the individual study plan of a doctoral student. They specify the total number of courses a student has to complete, their mapping into particular semesters, and the minimum number of courses of the theoretical background. The selection of courses for a particular student is to be based on the theme of his/her future dissertation thesis and it is to be approved by the board of the branch.
The principles of checking the study results: Examinations
A brief description of evaluation principles:
The way and conditions of evaluation are specified in detail in the Study Rules of the Brno University of Technology, and they include an annual check of the studies of a student and an evaluation of the student by his/her supervisor and by the board of the branch. When completing the courses of the individual study plan of a student, the examinations are evaluated using  scale with four values: excellent, very good, good, and failed. State examinations are evaluated using a two valued scale: passed, failed.

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