Téma disertační práce

Školitel:Černocký Jan, doc. Dr. Ing.
Téma:Interakce rozpoznávání řeči a dolování informací
Zahájení v ak.r.:2017/2018
Charakteristika řešeného problému:

Speech recognition systems are nowadays rarely used alone, but are parts of more complex data processing chains, both in military-security and business scenarios. Typically, they are integrated with a machine translation system and the following data-mining, for example topic detection, sentiment/emotion analysis or business data extraction. As many of these systems are nowadays based on DNNs or their variants, there is a possibility of joint training of such system optimizing the final goal of the system.

The proposal is related to ongoing EU H2020 project Bison, and US DARPA funded Lorelei project.

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