Topic of PhD thesis

Advisor:Zemčík Pavel, prof. Dr. Ing.
Topic:Advanced Algorithms of Computer Graphics
PhD thesis subject:

The topic focuses algorithms of computer graphics and generally computer image synthesis. Its main goal is to research algorithms so that their features and application possibilities are better understood, so that they are deeply analyzed, so that they are improved or newly created. The programming work is expected in C, C++, C#, assembly language, CUDA, OpenCl, VHDL, or other languages. If suitable, they can be efficiently implemented e.g. in CPU, in CPU with acceleration through SSE instructions, in embeded systems, in embedded systems with FPGA, or in other systems, such as x86/64, ARM, Xeon PHI, or other cores. Algorithms of interest include 3D model processing and acquisition. The algorithms of interest include:

  • rendering using selected computer graphics methods (such as ray tracing, photon mapping, direct rendering of "point clouds", etc.),
  • reconstruction of 3D scenes from images and/or video, eventually also fusing with other sensors, such as LIDAR,
  • new algorithms of graphics and image synthesis suitable for mobile and embedded systems,
  • modern algorithms of geometry suitable for applications in cpmputer graphics and perhaps also 3D printing,
  • methods of video processing in the form of "cartoon", with false colours, with simulation of painterly techniques, etc., 
  • emerging algorithms of 3D synthesis, holography, wavelet transform, frequency transform, etc.

After mutual agreement, individually selected algorithms can be considered as well as soon as they do belong to the general topic.

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