Topic of PhD thesis

Advisor:Zemčík Pavel, prof. Dr. Ing.
Topic:Processing of Video, Image, and/or Signal
PhD thesis subject:

The topic focuses algorithms of image, video, and/or signal processing. Its main goal is to research and in-depth analyze existing algorithms and discover new ones so that they have desirable features and so that they are possible to efficiently implement. Such efficient implementation can be but does not necessarily have to be part of the work but it is important to prepare the algorithms so that they can be efficiently implemented e.g. in CPU, in CPU with acceleration through SSE instructions, in embeded systems, in embedded systems with FPGA, in Intel Xeon PHI, in extremely low power systems, or in other environments. The programming work is expected in C, C++, C#, assembly language, CUDA, OpenCl, VHDL, or other languages. The application possibilities of the algorithms are also important and the application can be but does not have to be part of the work. The algorithms/applications of interest include:

  • recognition of scene contents, events, and general semantics of video sequences (such as identification of traffic situations, identification in scenes in moview, action identification, etc.),
  • classification of video sequences using machine learning (AI)through deep convolution networks neural network or similar approaches (e.g. for industrial quality inspection, object of scene characteristics search, etc.),
  • object tracking in video using modern methods (such as TLD or particle tracking)
  • parallel analysis of video and signal (e.g. for detection of coincidence of occurrence of object in video and characteristic signal shape in surveillance applications),
  • modern algorithms of video, image, and/or signal exploiting "client/server" or "cloud" approaches suitable e.g. for mobile technology and/or embedded systems,
  • algorithms of video compression and analysis through frequency or wavelet transforms or similar methods...

After mutual agreement, individually selected algorithms can be considered as well as soon as they do belong to the general topic.

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