Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Title
12019Černocký JanUPGMAutomatic speech processing for security applications
22019Černocký JanUPGMAutomatic speech processing for security applications
32019Černocký JanUPGMAutomatic speech processing for security applications
42018Černocký JanUPGMSpeech data mining
52017Černocký JanUPGMInteraction of speech recognition and data mining
62016Černocký JanUPGMSpeech data mining from distant icrophones
72015Černocký JanUPGMApplications of Artifical Neural Networks to Automatic Speaker Recognition
82015Černocký JanUPGMLightly-supervised Speech Recognition Training on Heterogeneous Data
92014Černocký JanUPGMLexicon Augmentation through FST-based Subword Unit Clustering
102012Černocký JanUPGMSearch in speech using querying by example
112007Černocký JanUPGMIndexing and search of spoken documents
122007Černocký JanUPGMLanguage modeling and system integration for speech recognition in Czech
132007Černocký JanUPGMSubspace modeling of prosodic features for speaker verification
142003Černocký JanUPGMKeyword spotting in speech data
152001Černocký JanUPGMPhoneme recognition based on long temporal context
162001Černocký JanUPGMStudy of Linear Transformations Applied to Training of Cross-Domain Adapted Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Systems
172000Černocký JanUPGMAcoustic modeling in speech recognition
181999Černocký JanUPGMContinuous speech recognition
191999Černocký JanUPGMSegmental methods in speech signal processing

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