Topic of PhD thesis

Advisor:Ryšavý Ondřej, doc. Ing., Ph.D.
Topic:Security and Privacy of Internet of Things
PhD thesis subject:

Many IoT devices are vulnerable to cyber attacks. Legacy devices were not designed under security considerations. Due to cost/energy constraints, IoT devices have limited processing power which may be challenging for detection and prevention of attacks. IoT devices are mostly based on open technologies, but not hardened enough for the Internet environment. IoT devices operate wireless interfaces that enable an attacker to easily access the device. IoT devices are updated irregularly or never. IoT domains often involve information about the users. Thus information leakage is some serious problem too. 

To address the issue of security and privacy in IoT environment, there is a need for establishing a robust security architecture for heterogeneous environments.

This topic aims at the analysis of security and privacy problems in a selected IoT domains followed by the proposal for a security architecture and the demonstration of its security properties by developing and evaluating its experimental implementation.The goal the thesis is to deliver a proof of concept of security architecture for IoT devices and demonstrates its qualitative security parameters. 

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