Topics of PhD theses

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# -Year Advisor Dept Title
12018Černocký JanUPGMSpeech data mining
22018Drahanský MartinUITSConcept of algorithms for removal of influence of skin diseases on the process for fingerprint recognition
32018Drahanský MartinUITSDetection and localization of (living) people behind obstacles
42018Drahanský MartinUITSMultispectral analysis of human tissues for medical purposes
52018Herout AdamUPGMModern Methods of Computer Vision
62018Chudý PeterUPGMAugmented Reality for Complex Real Time Simulation Environment
72018Chudý PeterUPGMPhenomenological Modeling of Cyber-Physical Systems
82018Jaroš JiříUPSYAutomatic Desing of Ultrasound Treatment Plans
92018Kolář DušanUIFSExploitation of Machine Learning for Exact Classification of Malware
102018Kořenek JanUPSYFlexible mapping of the network functions of hardware architectures
112018Kořenek JanUPSYHardware Acceleration of intrusion detection systems
122018Kotásek ZdeněkUPSYNew Methods for Optimization of Portable Stimuli Scenarios Interpretation
132018Matoušek PetrUIFSAdvanced methods for security analyses of event logs
142018Matoušek PetrUIFSCommunication Monitoring Based on Device Profiles
152018Meduna AlexanderUIFSModern language models and their models
162018Meduna AlexanderUIFSNew Versions of Automata and Grammars
172018Meduna AlexanderUIFSNew Versions of Automata and Grammars
182018Meduna AlexanderUIFSSystems based on regulated automata and grammars
192018Ryšavý OndřejUIFSA distributed platform for network forensics
202018Smrž PavelUPGMAugmented Reality in Collaborative Robotics Environment
212018Smrž PavelUPGMBig Data Analysis by means of Deep Neural Networks
222018Smrž PavelUPGMInformation Extraction from Wikipedia and Other Web Sources
232018Smrž PavelUPGMInformation Technologies in Psychology
242018Smrž PavelUPGMQuestion Answering Systems for natural language processing
252018Vojnar TomášUITSStatic Formal Analysis of Programs with Advanced Data and Control Structures
262018Vojnar TomášUITSSynthesis of Stochastic Models
272018Zemčík PavelUPGMAdvanced Algorithms of Computer Graphics
282018Zemčík PavelUPGMAdvanced Algorithms of Computer Graphics
292018Zemčík PavelUPGMProcessing of Video, Image, and/or Signal
302018Zemčík PavelUPGMProcessing of Video, Image, and/or Signal
312017Burget LukášUPGMSpoken message aware speaker recognition
322017Čadík MartinUPGMVisual Geo-Localization and Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices
332017Čadík MartinUPGMVisual Localization in indoor environments
342017Černocký JanUPGMInteraction of speech recognition and data mining
352017Hanáček PetrUITSAnalysis of Attacks on Wireless Networks
362017Hanáček PetrUITSIntrusion Detection and Automatic Processing of Malware
372017Herout AdamUPGMAdvanced Methods of Machine Learning in Medical Image Data
382017Herout AdamUPGMComputer Vision in Traffic Monitoring
392017Hruška TomášUIFSBig Data and Analysis of Business Processes for Industry 4.0
402017Hruška TomášUIFSGamification in programming assignments: using dynamic difficulty adjustment and learning analytics to enhance education
412017Jaroš JiříUPSYAcceleration of ultrasound simulations in bones
422017Jaroš JiříUPSYDistributed Photoacoustic Imaging
432017Kolář DušanUIFSTypová inference pro netypované/dynamické programovací jazyky
442017Martínek TomášUPSYAdvanced bioinformatic tool for prediction of the effect of microbiome on phenotype
452017Ryšavý OndřejUIFSBig Data Analysis Techniques for Network Traffic Monitoring
462017Ryšavý OndřejUIFSSecurity and Privacy of Internet of Things
472017Ryšavý OndřejUIFSThreat Intelligence and Situational Awareness
482017Sekanina LukášUPSYQuality-driven approximate computing systems
492017Smrž PavelUPGMDeep neuron site and possibilities their aplication on industry
502017Vašíček ZdeněkUPSYEvolutionary synthesis of complex digital circuits

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