Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Student Title
12018Smrž PavelUPGMAli AnasBig Data Analysis by means of Deep Neural Networks
22018Smrž PavelUPGMBambušek DanielAugmented Reality in Collaborative Robotics Environment
32018Smrž PavelUPGMDoležal JanInformation Extraction from Wikipedia and Other Web Sources
42018Smrž PavelUPGMFajčík MartinQuestion Answering Systems for natural language processing
52018Smrž PavelUPGMŠvec TomášInformation Technologies in Psychology
62017Smrž PavelUPGMFajčík MartinDeep neuron site and possibilities their aplication on industry
72014Smrž PavelUPGMZapletal MartinUnderstanding Complex Hierarchical Decisions in Deep Machine Learning Architectures
82011Smrž PavelUPGMMaterna ZdeněkEmbedded Systems in Robotics
92011Smrž PavelUPGMŠkoda PetrWeb services and Service Component Architecture
102009Smrž PavelUPGMDytrych JaroslavSemantic Annotation of Text
112009Smrž PavelUPGMPolok LukášAccelerated Sparse Matrix Operations in Nonlinear Least Squares Solvers
122005Smrž PavelUPGMŠilhavá JanaMachine Learning Methods for Classification and Prediction on Gene Expression Data

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