Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Title
12017Hruška TomášUIFSBig Data and Analysis of Business Processes for Industry 4.0
22017Hruška TomášUIFSGamification in programming assignments: using dynamic difficulty adjustment and learning analytics to enhance education
32016Hruška TomášUIFSAnalysis and optimization of business processes
42014Hruška TomášUIFSProcess mining
52013Hruška TomášUIFSModels of Graphic Interfaces
62009Hruška TomášUIFSTesting of generated C compilers for processors in embedded systems
72008Hruška TomášUIFSWorkflow models
82007Hruška TomášUIFSAdvanced Methods of Microprocessor Simulation
92007Hruška TomášUIFSProgramming of reconfigurable systems using a higher programming language
102004Hruška TomášUIFSSystems for hardware-software co-design
112003Hruška TomášUIFSFormal Definition of Object-Oriented Model
122001Hruška TomášUIFSProject Definition and Controling in Object-Oriented Information Systems
131998Hruška TomášUIFSObject-Based Information Systems
141997Hruška TomášUIFSAuthorization Model for Strongly Distributed Information Systems
151994Hruška TomášUIFSCategorical Framework for Object-Oriented Database Model
161994Hruška TomášUIFSFunctional Technology for Object-Oriented Modeling and Database
171994Hruška TomášUIFSParallel Programming Tools
181992Hruška TomášUIFSModelling Program Semantics Using Graphs

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