Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Student Title
12017Hruška TomášUIFSBenna FilipIoT Processor Design
22017Hruška TomášUIFSBruckner TomášBig Data and Analysis of Business Processes for Industry 4.0
32017Hruška TomášUIFSHrivňák JánBig Data and Analysis of Business Processes for Industry 4.0
42017Hruška TomášUIFSPastushenko OlenaBig Data and Analysis of Business Processes for Industry 4.0
52016Hruška TomášUIFSGenerating phase of the Reconfigurable Compiler
62016Hruška TomášUIFSInformation system processes modelling
72016Hruška TomášUIFSNěmečková ZitaAnalysis and optimization of business processes
82015Hruška TomášUIFSEnergy Reducing Compiler Optimization
92015Hruška TomášUIFSParallel Systems Programming
102014Hruška TomášUIFSRudnitckaia JuliaProcess mining
112013Hruška TomášUIFSHynek JiříModels of Graphic Interfaces
122012Hruška TomášUIFSAdvanced Simulation Methods of Embedded Systems
132012Hruška TomášUIFSAnalyzis of the Processor Model
142012Hruška TomášUIFSDebugging of Optimized Code
152012Hruška TomášUIFSGraphical Prototyping of Embedded Systems
162012Hruška TomášUIFSPragma based executable code synthesis for generated application specific multi-core architectures
172012Hruška TomášUIFSProgramming of multi-core systems
182012Hruška TomášUIFSRetargetable C Compiler for DSP Architectures
192012Hruška TomášUIFSTransformation techniques form C to VHDL
202009Hruška TomášUIFSDolíhal LuděkTesting of generated C compilers for processors in embedded systems
212008Hruška TomášUIFSMates VojtěchWorkflow models
222007Hruška TomášUIFSHusár AdamProgramming of reconfigurable systems using a higher programming language
232007Hruška TomášUIFSPřikryl ZdeněkAdvanced Methods of Microprocessor Simulation
242004Hruška TomášUIFSMasařík KarelSystems for hardware-software co-design
252003Hruška TomášUIFSBurger TomášFormal Definition of Object-Oriented Model
262001Hruška TomášUIFSGüttner JakubProject Definition and Controling in Object-Oriented Information Systems
271999Hruška TomášUIFSAcceleration of Multimedia Codecs on Application Processors
281999Hruška TomášUIFSAdvanced simulation techniques of system services and processes
291999Hruška TomášUIFSAutomatic Searching of Instruction Extensions for Application Processors
301999Hruška TomášUIFSProgramming of multi-core systems
311999Hruška TomášUIFSRetargetable C/C++ Compiler for VLIW Architectures
321999Hruška TomášUIFSTransformation techniques form C to HDL
331998Hruška TomášUIFSSmolík PetrObject-Based Information Systems
341997Hruška TomášUIFSCvrček DanielAuthorization Model for Strongly Distributed Information Systems
351994Hruška TomášUIFSKolář DušanFunctional Technology for Object-Oriented Modeling and Database
361994Hruška TomášUIFSKolenčík PetrCategorical Framework for Object-Oriented Database Model
371994Hruška TomášUIFSPřikryl PetrParallel Programming Tools
381992Hruška TomášUIFSBeneš MiroslavModelling Program Semantics Using Graphs