Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Title
12018Meduna AlexanderUIFSModern language models and their models
22018Meduna AlexanderUIFSNew Versions of Automata and Grammars
32018Meduna AlexanderUIFSNew Versions of Automata and Grammars
42018Meduna AlexanderUIFSSystems based on regulated automata and grammars
52015Meduna AlexanderUIFSSystems of Formal Models
62014Meduna AlexanderUIFSRegulated Formal Systems
72013Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Models of Computational Cooperation
82013Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Models of Distributed Computation
92010Meduna AlexanderUIFSTransformation of Formal Models
102009Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Models of Natural Language Processing
112008Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Systems Based on Automata and Grammars
122008Meduna AlexanderUIFSTwo-Dimensional Languages and Their Grammatical Processing
132006Meduna AlexanderUIFSRegulated Formal Models
142005Meduna AlexanderUIFSNew Operations over Formal Languages
152005Meduna AlexanderUIFSScattered Context in Formal Languages
162004Meduna AlexanderUIFSModified Models Underlying Parsing
172004Meduna AlexanderUIFSParallel systems of formal models
182004Meduna AlexanderUIFSParsing Based on Grammar Systems
192003Meduna AlexanderUIFSLanguage Operations in Modern Theoretical Computer Science
202003Meduna AlexanderUIFSSimplification of Formal Models
212003Meduna AlexanderUIFSSpecifikation and Translation of Languages by Systems of Formal Models
222002Meduna AlexanderUIFSParalelní gramatiky
232002Meduna AlexanderUIFSPřekladové systémy
242001Meduna AlexanderUIFSL systémy

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