Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Student Title
12017Drahanský MartinUITSVyroubalová JanaMultispectral analysis of human tissues for medical purposes
22016Drahanský MartinUITSHeidari MonaConcept of algorithms for removal of influence of skin diseases on the process for fingerprint recognition
32015Drahanský MartinUITSDvořák MichalNew technology for 2D and 3D hand geometry recognition
42015Drahanský MartinUITSGoldmann TomášResearch in area of hardware accelerated biometric recognition and search of people
52015Drahanský MartinUITSMaruniak LukášDesign of algorithms to remove the effect of eye retinal disease on the recognition process
62014Drahanský MartinUITSKanich OndřejResearch in the area of simulations of fingerprint damages
72014Drahanský MartinUITSSemerád LukášTheoretical and Experimental Determination of Information Amount in Eye Biometric Characteristics
82013Drahanský MartinUITSKupková KarolínaBiometric Scanning of Brain Activities (EEG)
92011Drahanský MartinUITSMalčík DominikAnalysis of attacks on (micro)chips and development of enhancement of their robustness/security
102010Drahanský MartinUITSMráček ŠtěpánHybrid recognition of 3D face
112009Drahanský MartinUITSHájek JosefImaging system for iris and retina
122007Drahanský MartinUITSLodrová DanaSecurity of Biometric Systems