Topics of PhD theses

# -Year Advisor Dept Title
12018Ryšavý OndřejUIFSA distributed platform for network forensics
22017Ryšavý OndřejUIFSBig Data Analysis Techniques for Network Traffic Monitoring
32017Ryšavý OndřejUIFSSecurity and Privacy of Internet of Things
42017Ryšavý OndřejUIFSThreat Intelligence and Situational Awareness
52016Ryšavý OndřejUIFSProgramming Methods for Software Defined Networks
62015Ryšavý OndřejUIFSPacket analysis based network service diagnostics
72014Ryšavý OndřejUIFSDigital Forensics using Distributed Environment
82014Ryšavý OndřejUIFSMethods for Intelligent Network Forensics
92014Ryšavý OndřejUIFSNetwork Architecture Aware of Applications, Users and Services

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