Topics of PhD theses

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# Year +Advisor Dept Student Title
12017Burget LukášUPGMPulugundla BhargavSpoken message aware speaker recognition
22016Burget LukášUPGMBaskar Murali KarthickAdvanced techniques and architectures for Recurrent Neural Network based Language models
32016Burget LukášUPGMBeneš KarelAdvanced techniques and architectures for Recurrent Neural Network based Language models
42014Burget LukášUPGMNovotný OndřejSignal Enhancement Techniques for Noise Robust Speaker Recognition
52010Burget LukášUPGMVeselý KarelClassifiers for speech processing and their implementation
62009Burget LukášUPGMHannemann MirkoFinite-state based recognition networks for forward-backward speech decoding
72007Burget LukášUPGMPlchot OldřichSearch in spoken documents of non-standard languages
82005Burget LukášUPGMGlembek OndřejSemantically supported search of keywords in speech data
92017Čadík MartinUPGMBobák PetrVisual Localization in indoor environments
102017Čadík MartinUPGMTomešek JanVisual Geo-Localization and Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices
112014Čadík MartinUPGMBrejcha JanVisual Localization in Natural Environments
122017Černocký JanUPGMMošner LadislavInteraction of speech recognition and data mining
132016Černocký JanUPGMŽmolíková KateřinaSpeech data mining from distant icrophones
142015Černocký JanUPGMSilnova AnnaApplications of Artifical Neural Networks to Automatic Speaker Recognition
152015Černocký JanUPGMSkácel MiroslavLightly-supervised Speech Recognition Training on Heterogeneous Data
162014Černocký JanUPGMEgorova EkaterinaLexicon Augmentation through FST-based Subword Unit Clustering
172014Černocký JanUPGMFér RadekRobust Systems for Spoken Language Recognition
182012Černocký JanUPGMOndel LucasSearch in speech using querying by example
192011Černocký JanUPGMPešán JanSearch in speech using querying by example
202007Černocký JanUPGMFapšo MichalIndexing and search of spoken documents
212007Černocký JanUPGMKockmann MarcelSubspace modeling of prosodic features for speaker verification
222007Černocký JanUPGMMikolov TomášLanguage modeling and system integration for speech recognition in Czech
232003Černocký JanUPGMSzőke IgorKeyword spotting in speech data
242001Černocký JanUPGMKarafiát MartinStudy of Linear Transformations Applied to Training of Cross-Domain Adapted Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition Systems
252001Černocký JanUPGMSchwarz PetrPhoneme recognition based on long temporal context
262000Černocký JanUPGMGrézl FrantišekAcoustic modeling in speech recognition
271999Černocký JanUPGMBurget LukášContinuous speech recognition
281999Černocký JanUPGMMotlíček PetrSegmental methods in speech signal processing
292005Češka MilanUITSPolášek PetrModelling of heterogeneous systems
302000Češka MilanUITSKřena BohuslavMetody analýzy v objektově orientovaných Petriho
311997Češka MilanUITSHanáček PetrThe Common Model for the Communication and Synchronization Primitives
321997Češka MilanUITSVojnar TomášFormal Analysis over Object-Oriented Petri Nets
331992Češka MilanUITSJanoušek VladimírPetri Nets and Objects
342002Drábek VladimírUPSYBryan LuděkNové metody komprese dat
351999Drábek VladimírUPSYSekanina LukášComponent approach to evolvable systems
361997Drábek VladimírUPSYSllame M. AzeddienA contribution to optimization techniques based on design space exploration during high level synthesis
372016Drahanský MartinUITSHeidari MonaConcept of algorithms for removal of influence of skin diseases on the process for fingerprint recognition
382015Drahanský MartinUITSDvořák MichalNew technology for 2D and 3D hand geometry recognition
392015Drahanský MartinUITSGoldmann TomášResearch in area of hardware accelerated biometric recognition and search of people
402015Drahanský MartinUITSMaruniak LukášDesign of algorithms to remove the effect of eye retinal disease on the recognition process
412014Drahanský MartinUITSKanich OndřejResearch in the area of simulations of fingerprint damages
422014Drahanský MartinUITSSemerád LukášTheoretical and Experimental Determination of Information Amount in Eye Biometric Characteristics
432013Drahanský MartinUITSKupková KarolínaBiometric Scanning of Brain Activities (EEG)
442011Drahanský MartinUITSMalčík DominikAnalysis of attacks on (micro)chips and development of enhancement of their robustness/security
452010Drahanský MartinUITSMráček ŠtěpánHybrid recognition of 3D face
462009Drahanský MartinUITSHájek JosefImaging system for iris and retina
472007Drahanský MartinUITSLodrová DanaSecurity of Biometric Systems
482008Dvořák VáclavUPSYPuš ViktorPacket classification algorithms
492003Dvořák VáclavUPSYKořenek JanHardware and software architectures for application-specific architectures
502003Dvořák VáclavUPSYMartínek TomášHardware and software architectures for application-specific architectures

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