Topics of PhD theses 2019/2020

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# +Advisor Dept Title
1Burget LukášUPGMNeural Representations in Multi-lingual Speech Modeling
2Burget RadekUIFSInformation Extraction from the WWW
3Burget RadekUIFSWeb Document Preprocessing for Knowledge Acquisition
4Čadík MartinUPGMAdvanced Methods of Computational Photography
5Čadík MartinUPGMAdvanced Rendering Methods
6Čadík MartinUPGMImage and video quality assessment metrics
7Čadík MartinUPGMImage Processing using Neural Networks
8Černocký JanUPGMAutomatic speech processing for security applications
9Drahanský MartinUITSAnalysis of retinal images to refine the diagnosis and prognosis of disease progression
10Drahanský MartinUITSArtificial intelliegence for MindSphere
11Drahanský MartinUITSCreate a 3D model of head from 2D photos of diverse origins
12Drahanský MartinUITSForensic image processing from mobile devices
13Drahanský MartinUITSGenerate damage to synthetic fingerprints and analyze their quality
14Drahanský MartinUITSIntelligent inspection and measurement of cylindrical cross section cavities with prediction of state changes
15Drahanský MartinUITSReconstruction of damaged surfaces of CD/DVD/BR/HDD for forensic purposes
16Fučík OttoUPSYHybrid Reprogrammable Processing Platforms
17Fučík OttoUPSYProcessing Platform for Embedded Intelligence
18Hanáček PetrUITSAnalysis of Anonymisation Networks Security
19Hanáček PetrUITSAnalysis of Attacks on Wireless Networks
20Hanáček PetrUITSCommunication Infrastructure for Intelligent Buildings or Vehicles
21Hanáček PetrUITSIntrusion Detection and Automatic Processing of Malware
22Hanáček PetrUITSTesting Methods for Security Products
23Hruška TomášUIFSIoT Processor Design
24Hruška TomášUIFSModern ways of communication with information systems
25Janoušek VladimírUITSApplication of models and their transformation in the process of developing and deploying systems
26Janoušek VladimírUITSDistributed Control Systems and IoT Based on Reconfigurable Petri Nets
27Janoušek VladimírUITSHigh-Level Petri Nets in Embedded systems and IoT Architectures
28Janoušek VladimírUITSModeling and validation of requirements in the process of developing software systems
29Jaroš JiříUPSYAutomatic Workload Balancing on Heterogeneous Architectures
30Jaroš JiříUPSYLarge scale solver of Maxwell equations using the k-Wave toobox
31Jaroš JiříUPSYOptimisation Distributed Input-Output Operations
32Jaroš JiříUPSYTask Based Parallelism on Heterogeneous Architectures
33Kolář DušanUIFSAdaptive Policies for Distributed Applications in RINA
34Kolář DušanUIFSMethods for Pattern Extraction and Detection in Program Code
35Kolář DušanUIFSParallel Analysis of Context-Sensitive Languages
36Kolář DušanUIFSParallel Analysis of Formal Languages
37Kolář DušanUIFSSafe Compilers
38Kolář DušanUIFSTowards Inifinitely Scalable Fully-automated Highly Effective Distributed Password Recovery
39Kořenek JanUPSYDynamic Reconfiguration in Computer Networks
40Kreslíková JitkaUIFSEnvironment for Modeling and Optimization Software Engineering Processes
41Kreslíková JitkaUIFSOptimization of portofolio allocation cumulative risks
42Kreslíková JitkaUIFSQuality Management Model
43Matoušek PetrUIFSDetection of cyber attacks against critical infrastructure networks
44Matoušek PetrUIFSSecurity Monitoring of Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Communication
45Matoušek PetrUIFSSecurity monitoring of IoT Communication
46Matoušek PetrUIFSUser and device profiling using communication patterns
47Meduna AlexanderUIFSFormal Models of Parallel Computation
48Meduna AlexanderUIFSModern Models for the Transformation of Languages
49Meduna AlexanderUIFSNew Versions of Automata and Transducers
50Meduna AlexanderUIFSSystems based on automata and grammars

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