Bachelor Degree Programme
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Study length: 3.5 years
Code: B2612
Study mode: attended
Branches of study:
VTBComputer Science and Engineeringclosed
Study targets:
This is an information about study program which is instructed in Czech only. This study program will expire on October 31st 2006. No new students are being enrolled in this study program. The aim of the Bachelor Study Program Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is to prepare alumni who are able to use both hardware and software systems at a high professional level. This study program is instructed in Czech only.
The conditions that must be fulfilled by a student during the study period and when finishing the studies:
  • During the bachelor study, the student is required to earn 210 credit points in the prescribed structure of compulsory and optional courses of the own study branch, and also of the social science courses inclusively of one foreign language. The obligatory part of the state final examination is an elaboration of the Bachelor Thesis, and its presentation and successful defence at the state final examination board.
  • Bachelor Study Program Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is run-out program. The last state final examination will be in June 2006.
The knowledge and other presumptions that must be fulfilled by a candidate to be accepted for studies:
Complete higher secondary education being proved by the General Certificate of Secondary Education. All applicants to the bachelor study are expected to pass an entrance examination in mathematics at a level corresponding to standard secondary schools. Since the ac. y. 2002/2003, the Bachelor Study Program Electrical Engineering and Computer Science is not opened.
Seasons during the standard study period in weeks:
Term1st W1st S2nd W2nd S3rd W3rd S4th WTotal
Teaching period1313131313131391
Professional practice       0
Vacation252525 21
The rules for including courses into the curriculum:
The structure of the study plan is prepared on multiyear experience of the whole faculty staff.
The principles of checking the study results: Credits
A brief description of evaluation principles:
The evaluation of examinations is derived from marks. The mark sum is obtained from an evaluation of midterm examination, other tests and class activities, home works, course projects, and final examination. The maximum number of marks is "100". The European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) grading is used. The final result is recorded in the form of ECTS symbols (A; B; C; D; E; F). The General Grade Average is calculated from classification grades A=1, B=1.5, C=2, D=2.5, and E=3.

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