Programme: IT-PHD-3, Doctoral, 3 years

Specialisation: Information Technology (Ph.D.)

Academic year: 2004/2005

Any Year, Winter Term

ASDE0Audio and Speech Processing by Humans and MachinesExHeřmanský HynekFIT
ISDE0Intelligent SystemsExZbořil František V.FIT
MMDE0Advanced Methods of 3D Scene VisualisationExZemčík PavelFIT
MSDE0Modelling and SimulationExRábová ZdeňkaFIT
PDDE0Parallel and Distributed ProgrammingExDvořák VáclavFIT
PGDE0Computer GraphicsExZemčík PavelFIT
PTDE0The Principles of Testable Design SynthesisExKotásek ZdeněkFIT
QA3E0Machine VisionExHonec JozefFEKT
QA5E0Intelligent ControllersExPivoňka PetrFEKT
QA8E0Hierarchical and decentralized controlExZezulka FrantišekFEKT
QA9E0Modern Control TheoryExVavřín PetrFEKT
QM3E0Algebra, Combinatorics and GraphsExHavel VáclavFEKT
QM7E0Statistic methods of data processingExZapletal JosefFEKT
QRHE0Speech Signal Processing for Speaker RecognitionExSigmund MilanFEKT
QT6E0Integration of Telecommunication Networks and ServicesExKapoun VladimírFEKT
QT9E0Sensor Information SystemsExRampl IvanFEKT
SVDE0Specification of Embedded SystemsExŠvéda MiroslavFIT
TIDE0Modern Theoretical Computer ScienceExMeduna AlexanderFIT
TJDE0Programming Language TheoryExHruška TomášFIT
ZZDE0Knowledge Discovery in DatabasesExZendulka JaroslavFIT

Any Year, Summer Term

EVDE0Evolutionary ComputationExSchwarz JosefFIT
MZDE0Modern Methods of Speech ProcessingExČernocký JanFIT
OPTE0OpticsExHruška PavelFEKT
QB5E0Advanced methods of digital image processingExJan JiříFEKT
QM2E0Differential Equations in Electrical Engineering (*)ExBaštinec JaromírFEKT
QM4E0LogicExHavel VáclavFEKT
SODE0Fault Tolerant SystemsExDrábek VladimírFIT
SSDE0Formal Specifications of Computer-Based SystemsExŠvéda MiroslavFIT
TADE0Theory and Applications of Petri NetsExČeška MilanFIT
TKDE0Category TheoryExŠlapal JosefFIT
VKAE0Selected Chapters on AlgorithmsExHonzík Jan M.FIT
VNDE0Higly Sophisticated ComputationsExKunovský JiříFIT
VPDE0Selected Topics of OOM in Persistent SystemsExHruška TomášFIT
(*):Course is not opened in the academic year 2004/2005
Compl:Course completion: Ex - examination, Ac - accreditation, ClAc - classified accreditation, Kol - colloquium
Type:C - compulsory, CEx - compulsory-elective group x, R - recommended, E - elective

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