Programme: IT-MSC-2, Master, 2 years

Field of Study: Computer Graphics and Multimedia in english (Master) - MGMe

Academic year: 2018/2019

1st Year, Winter Semester

HSCeC5Hardware/Software Codesign (in English)Cr+ExFučík OttoFIT
MATeC5Mathematical Structures in Computer Science (in English)ExŠlapal JosefFSI
PDBeC5Advanced Database Systems (in English)Cr+ExKolář DušanFIT
PGReC5Computer Graphics (in English)ExHerout AdamFIT

1st Year, Summer Semester

FYOeC5Physical Optics (in English)ExSedlák PetrFEKT
MULeC5Multimedia (in English)ExZemčík PavelFIT
PDSeC5Data Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)ExRyšavý OndřejFIT
TINeC5Theoretical Computer Science (in English)Cr+ExČeška MilanFIT
ZPOeC5Image Processing (in English)ExZemčík PavelFIT
ZREeC5Speech Signal Processing (in English)ExČernocký JanFIT

2nd Year, Winter Semester

SEPaC5Semester Project (in English)ClCrEysselt MilošFIT

2nd Year, Summer Semester

DIPaC13Master's Thesis (in English)CrEysselt MilošFIT
VGEeC5Computational Geometry (in English) (*)ExŠpaněl MichalFIT

Any Year, Winter Semester

ROBaCEC5Robotics (in English)ExOrság FilipFIT
ROSaCEC5Real-Time Operating Systems (in English)ExStrnadel JosefFIT
PGPaCEG5Advanced Computer Graphics (in English)ExZemčík PavelFIT
POVaCEG5Computer Vision (in English)ExZemčík PavelFIT
PDIeCEI5Distributed Application Environment (in English) (*)ExRyšavý OndřejFIT
VYPaCEI5Compiler Construction (in English)ExMeduna AlexanderFIT
GALeE5Graph Algorithms (in English) (*)ExMeduna AlexanderFIT
GJAeE5Graphical User Interfaces in Java (in English)Cr+ExSmrž PavelFIT
PP1eE5Project Practice 1 (in English)CrHruška TomášFIT
TAMaE5Application Development for Mobile Devices (in English)ClCrHerout AdamFIT

Any Year, Summer Semester

VIZaCEG5Visualization and CAD (in English)ClCrChudý PeterFIT
SLOaCEM5Complexity (in English)ExVojnar TomášFIT
VNVeCEM5High Performance Computations (in English) (*)ExZbořil František V.FIT
DFAaE5Digital Forensics (in English)ExRyšavý OndřejFIT
PP1eE5Project Practice 1 (in English)CrHruška TomášFIT
UXIaE5User Experience and Design of User Interfaces and Services (in English)ClCrHerout AdamFIT
(*):Course is not opened in the academic year 2018/2019
Compl:Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
Type:C - compulsory, CEx - compulsory-elective group x, R - recommended, E - elective

Compulsory creditsCompulsory-ElectiveElective
1. year50-10
2. year23-37

Compulsory-elective groups

AbbrvMin. coursesMax. coursesMin.credOver asCoursesTitle
CEC190EROBa, ROSaHardware
CEG190EPGPa, POVa, VIZaGraphics
CEI190EPDIe, VYPaInformation Systems
CEM190ESLOa, VNVeModelling and Artificial Intelligence

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