Programme: IT-BC-1H, Bachelor, 3 years

Field of Study: Information Technology - Bc.

Academic year: 2017/2018

Any Year, Winter Semester

IALeR5AlgorithmsCr+ExHonzík Jan M.FIT
IELeR6Electronics for Information TechnologyExKunovský JiříFIT
IFJeR5Formal Languages and CompilersCr+ExMeduna AlexanderFIT
IISeR4Information Systems (*)Cr+ExHruška TomášFIT
IJAeR5Java Programming LanguageClCrKočí RadekFIT
INCeR5Digital Systems DesignExEysselt MilošFIT
IPKeR5Computer Communications and NetworksCr+ExŠvéda MiroslavFIT
IP1eR5Project Practice 1ClCrHruška TomášFIT
ISSeR6Signals and Systems (*)ExČernocký JanFIT
ITTeR5Term ThesisCrKřena BohuslavFIT
ITUeR4User Interface ProgrammingClCrBeran VítězslavFIT
ITWeR5Web DesignClCrBurget RadekFIT
IZUeR4Fundamentals of Artificial IntelligenceCr+ExZbořil FrantišekFIT

Any Year, Summer Semester

IBTeR13Bachelor's ThesisClCrKřena BohuslavFIT
IDSeR5Database SystemsCr+ExZendulka JaroslavFIT
IMPeR6Microprocessors and Embedded SystemsExRůžička RichardFIT
IPPeR5Principles of Programming LanguagesCr+ExKolář DušanFIT
IPZeR4Peripheral DevicesExKotásek ZdeněkFIT
IP1eR5Project Practice 1ClCrHruška TomášFIT
IP2eR5Project Practice 2ClCrHruška TomášFIT
(*):Course is not opened in the academic year 2017/2018
Compl:Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
Type:C - compulsory, CEx - compulsory-elective group x, R - recommended, E - elective

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