Programme: IT-PHD-3, Doctoral, 3 years

Field of Study: Information Technology (Ph.D.)

Academic year: 2001/2002

Any Year, Winter Semester

ISDCE0Intelligent Systems (*)ExZbořil František V.FIT
MMDCE0Advanced Methods of 3D Scene Visualisation (*)ExZemčík PavelFIT
MSDCE0Modelling and Simulation (*)ExRábová ZdeňkaFIT
PDDCE0Parallel and Distributed ProgrammingExDvořák VáclavFIT
PGDCE0Computer Graphics (*)ExSerba IvoFIT
PTDCE0The Principles of Testable Design Synthesis (*)ExKotásek ZdeněkFIT
QA3CE0Machine Vision (*)ExHonec JozefFEKT
QA5CE0Intelligent Controllers (*)ExPivoňka PetrFEKT
QA8CE0Hierarchical and decentralized control (*)ExZezulka FrantišekFEKT
QA9CE0Modern Control Theory (*)ExVavřín PetrFEKT
QM3CE0Algebra, Combinatorics and Graphs (*)ExHavel VáclavFEKT
QM7CE0Statistic methods of data processingExZapletal JosefFEI
QRHCE0Speech Signal Processing for Speaker Recognition (*)ExSigmund MilanFEKT
QT6CE0Integration of Telecommunication Networks and Services (*)ExKapoun VladimírFEKT
QT9CE0Sensor Information Systems (*)ExRampl IvanFEKT
SVDCE0Specification of Embedded SystemsExŠvéda MiroslavFIT
TIDCE0Modern Theoretical Computer Science (*)ExMeduna AlexanderFIT
TJDCE0Programming Language Theory (*)ExHruška TomášFIT
ZZDCE0Knowledge Discovery in Databases (*)ExZendulka JaroslavFIT

Any Year, Summer Semester

OPTCE0Optics (*)ExHruška PavelFEKT
QA7CE0Industrial Robotics (*)ExŠolc FrantišekFEKT
QB5CE0Advanced methods of digital image processing (*)ExJan JiříFEKT
QM2CE0Differential Equations in Electrical Engineering (*)ExMelkes FrantišekFEKT
QM4CE0Logic (*)ExHavel VáclavFEKT
SODCE0Fault Tolerant Systems (*)ExDrábek VladimírFIT
SSDCE0Formal Specifications of Computer-Based SystemsExŠvéda MiroslavFIT
TADCE0Theory and Applications of Petri Nets (*)ExČeška MilanFIT
TKDCE0Teorie kategorií (*)ExŠlapal JosefFIT
VKACE0Selected Chapters on Algorithms (*)ExHonzík Jan M.FIT
VNDCE0Higly Sophisticated Computations (*)ExKunovský JiříFIT
VPDCE0Selected Topics of OOM in Persistent Systems (*)ExHruška TomášFIT
(*):Course is not opened in the academic year 2001/2002
Compl:Course completion: Ex - examination, Cr - credit, ClCr - classified credit, Co - colloquium
Type:C - compulsory, CEx - compulsory-elective group x, R - recommended, E - elective

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