Lecture Group INTE

International Students, all classes

Academic Year: 2018/2019   Semester: Summer

Day: 2018-11-18, week 46. (even)
Classes: 2019-02-04 - 2019-05-03

Monxx DFAa lt A113 IMPe lt L306 TINe lt A112 
Tuexx PDSe lt G202 IPZe lt L321 
 IDSe ct N205 
Wedxx VGEe lt A112IPPe lt C228SLOa lt A112 
Thuxx FYOe lt D0207FYOe et D0207UXIa lt A112ZPOe lt A112ZREe lt A112 
Frixx VIZa lt E104VNVe lt E104VIZa ct N104MULe lt E104 
 VNVe ct N205VIZa ct N104 
Last modification: 2018-11-16

l - lecture, e - exercise, h - hw. laboratory, c - computer laboratory, z - exam, o - other
a - all weeks, e - even week, o - odd week, t - teaching weeks, s - single

DFAaDigital Forensics (in English)
FYOePhysical Optics (in English)
IDSeDatabase Systems (in English)
IMPeMicroprocessors and Embedded Systems (in English)
IPPePrinciples of Programming Languages (in English)
IPZePeripheral Devices (in English)
MULeMultimedia (in English)
PDSeData Communications, Computer Networks and Protocols (in English)
SLOaComplexity (in English)
TINeTheoretical Computer Science (in English)
UXIaUser Experience and Design of User Interfaces and Services (in English)
VGEeComputational Geometry (in English)
VIZaVisualization and CAD (in English)
VNVeHigh Performance Computations (in English)
ZPOeImage Processing (in English)
ZREeSpeech Signal Processing (in English)