Lecture Group 3BIT

Bachelor study IT, 3rd year

Academic Year: 2017/2018   Term: Summer

Day: 2018-01-17, week 03. (odd)
Classes: 2018-02-05 - 2018-05-04

MonxxIZMA el P157IZMA ll E337IBS ll A112IW5 ll D0206IJA el D105IJC ll D105 
 IPP ll E112IZU ll E112IUCE el P164IUCE el P164
IKR ll G202 
 IPPK cl T12/SA3.05IMIE el P292IMIE el P292IUCE el P283 
 IUCE el P164
IZMA el E340IFAN ll P384AIT el T10/322IDAS ll P384 
 IUCE el P283AIT el T10/322BAN4 el T10/326AEU el T10/323 
 BAN4 el T10/326BAN4 el T10/326 IZA ll E104 
 IPSO ll T12/SD1.48 
Tuexx IVS ll D105IPP ll D105IZU ll E112IUCE el P283 
 IPK ll E112IDS ll E112IUCE el P283IMIE el P292 
 IZG cl O204 
 IMIE el P164
IMIE el P164
IMIE el P292 ITY ll D105 
 IUCE el P283IUCE el P283AIT el T10/323 IW2 ll G202 
 AIT el T10/323IUCE ll P384BAN4 el T10/326 IKPT el T8/312 
 JA3 el T10/324AIT el T10/322 IAM ll A113 
 IVP1 ll T8/010IVP1 el T8/010 ITP ll G202 
 IAPL ll U2/326 IFAN ee P287 
 ICUL ll U2/327 
 IFAN eo P287BAN3 el T10/326 
 IFAN ee P287IFAN eo P287 
 IFAN ee P287 
WedxxITW ll D105IUCE el E110IUCE el E109
IUCE el P283IUCE el P283ICP el D105 
 IZG cl O204 
 IIPD ll T12/SD1.48IVH ll D0206IDS ll E112 
 IMIE el P164IMIE el P164IMIE ll P384IUCE ll P384 
 IMIE ll P384AIT el T10/323
AIT el T10/325 
 BAN4 el T10/323
BAN2 el T10/326BAN4 el T10/327 
 AIT el T10/324
BAN4 el T10/327IKPT el T8/312 
 BAN3 el T10/326 I1C ll G202 
 IFAN eo P284IAN co Q305 
 IAN le A112IAN ce Q305 
 IFAN ee P284 
Thuxx ISJ ll D105IZG ll E112IZA el E105IZG ll E112 
 IPK ll E112ITS ll G202 FIK ll G202RET ll G202PRM ll G202 
 IPPK cl T12/SA3.05IMIE el P157IMIE el P157IDAS el P292 
 IMIE el P292IMIE el P292 IKPT el T8/312 
 AIT el T10/323BAN3 el T10/325 
 BAN4 el T10/325 
Frixx IMK ll A113 JS1 el T10/327 
 IZG cl O204 IZG cl O204 
 IDDL ll U2/327 
Last modification: 2018-01-17

l - lecture, e - exercise, h - hw. laboratory, c - computer laboratory, z - exam, o - other
a - all weeks, e - even week, o - odd week, l - lecture weeks, s - single
T10/xxx - Technická 10, T12/xxx - Technická 12, T8/xxx - Technická 8, U2/xxx - Údolní 53

AEUEnglish for Europe
AITEnglish for IT
BAN2Headway Pre-Intermediate 2
BAN3New Headway Intermediate 1
BAN4New Headway Intermediate 2
FIKPhilosophy and the Culture
I1CNetwork Cabling and Routing (CCNA1+CCNA2)
IAMAdvanced Mathematics
IANBinary Code Analysis
IAPLCopyright - Summer
IBSSecurity and Computer Networks
ICPThe C++ Programming Language
ICULCzech Art of the Second Half of the 20th Century in Context
IDASTax System
IDDLHistory of Design 1 - Summer
IDSDatabase Systems
IFANFinancial Analysis
IIPDEngineering Pedagogy and Didactics
IJAJava Programming Language
IJCThe C Programming Language
IKPTCulture of Speech and the Generation of Texts
IKRClassification and Recognition
IMKMechanics and Acoustics
IPKComputer Communications and Networks
IPPPrinciples of Programming Languages
IPPKComputer Aided Design
IPSOEducational Psychology
ISJScripting Languages
ITPPersonal Computers
ITSTesting and Dynamic Analysis
ITWWeb Design
ITYTypography and Publishing
IVP1Selected Parts from Mathematics 1
IVSPractical Aspects of Software Design
IW2Microsoft Windows Server Systems
IW5Programming .NET and C#
IZAProgramming Apple Devices
IZGComputer Graphics Principles
IZMARudiments of Marketing
IZUFundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
JA3English: Conversation
JS1Spanish for Beginners 2/2
PRMFundamentals of Law