Lecture Group 1MIT

Master Information Technology, 1st year

Academic Year: 2014/2015   Term: Winter

Classes: 2014-09-22 - 2014-12-19

Mon10 TIN ll D0207
MAT ll D105 
11 TIN ll D0207
12 TIN ll D0207
13 TIN ll D0207
14 TIN ll D0207
15 TIN ll D0207
16 VYPe ll A113VYPe el A113  
 TIN ll D0207
17 TIN ll D0207
18 TIN ll D0207
xx PCS ll A113ZZN ll D0206C1P hl C304 
 C1P hl C304BIS zs 2015-02-02 E104BMS zs 2015-01-12 D105POV zs 2015-01-26 E105 
 KRG ll D0206PGP ll G202GZN zs 2015-02-02 E105SEN zs 2015-02-02 E105SEN zs 2015-01-19 E112 
 PGR zs 2015-02-02 E104SEN zs 2015-01-26 E105PCS zs 2015-01-12 E105ACH zs 2015-01-26 E105 
 PBI zs 2015-02-02 E105ZZN zs 2015-02-02 E105ZZN zs 2015-01-26 E112 
 GZN zs 2015-01-26 E105 PGR cs 2014-11-10 N205TIN zs 2015-01-05 D0206
 BIS zs 2015-01-26 E112 PGR cs 2014-11-03 N205 
 PGR cs 2014-10-27 N205PGR cs 2014-10-27 N205 
 PGR cs 2014-11-03 N205 
 PGR cs 2014-11-10 N205 
Tue10BIO ll D0206 
12 PGR ll D0206 
13 SFC ll D0206 
18GAL ll G202 PKS ll E105 
xx PBI zs 2015-01-06 E105ACH ll E105ROS ll E105ROS cl L306 
 MAT zs 2015-01-27 D0206
 ROB ll G202SEN ll G202POV zs 2015-01-20 E112 
 AIS zs 2015-02-03 E105POV zs 2015-02-03 E105VYPe zs 2015-01-13 E104SIN zs 2015-01-13 D105 
 TAM zs 2015-01-13 E112PCS zs 2015-01-06 E105PCS zs 2015-01-27 E105AIS zs 2015-01-27 E105SIN zs 2015-01-27 E112 
 PDI zs 2015-01-06 E105 SEN es 2014-11-11 G202 
 GMU zs 2015-01-13 E112 SEN es 2014-11-25 G202 
 TIN zs 2015-02-03 E104
Wed10 PDB ll E112MAT ll D105 STI el D105
11 BIS ll D0206MAT el D105STI el D105
 MAT ll D105
12 PDB ll E112MAT ll D105
13 MAT ll D105
14 PDB ll E112MAT ll D105
15 MAT ll D105
16 MAT ll D105
17 HSC ll E104
 MAT ll D105
18  MAT ll D105
xx GUX ll E105PGP zs 2015-01-07 E104SFC zs 2015-01-14 D105 AEU el T10/327 
 BMS ll E112 BMS zs 2015-01-28 E112HSC zs 2015-01-07 D0207
PKS zs 2015-02-04 E105 
 MAT zs 2015-02-04 D0207
 BMS zs 2015-02-04 E112PDB zs 2014-11-05 E104TAM zs 2015-01-21 E105 
 PDB zs 2015-01-28 E104
GMU zs 2015-01-28 E105 FAV zs 2015-01-28 E105 
 ZZN zs 2015-01-14 E104
ACH zs 2015-01-14 E112 SFC zs 2015-02-04 E105 
 AIS zs 2015-01-07 E112BIO zs 2015-01-07 E112 PDI zs 2015-01-14 E105 
 PGR cs 2014-11-12 N205 
 PGR cs 2014-11-05 N205 
 PGR cs 2014-10-29 N205 
Thu10 MOG ll E105 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
11 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
12 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
13 SIN ll D0206SIN el D0206 
 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
14 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
15 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
16 FAV ll A113 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
17 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
18 SIN ls 2014-10-02 G202 
xx GMU ll G202PGR zs 2015-01-29 E104 FIT ll G202PRM ll G202 
 PKS hl L307AIS ll D0206 
 TAM zs 2015-01-29 E105EIP zs 2015-01-29 E105SFC zs 2015-01-29 E104MAT zs 2015-01-15 D0206
 HSC zs 2015-02-05 E112VYPe zs 2015-02-05 E105PDB zs 2015-01-08 D0207
SIN zs 2015-02-05 E112 
 PBI zs 2015-01-22 L314PGR cs 2014-10-30 N205 PDB zs 2015-02-05 E112 
 PGR cs 2014-10-30 N205PGR cs 2014-11-06 N205 BIO zs 2015-01-29 E104 
 PGR cs 2014-11-06 N205PGR cs 2014-11-13 N205 PGP zs 2015-01-29 E105 
 PGR cs 2014-11-13 N205 TIN zs 2015-01-22 D0206
PDI zs 2015-01-22 E105 
 EIP zs 2015-01-08 E104 
Fri16 THE ll E112 
xx TAM ll D0207POV ll D0207PGP zs 2015-01-23 E104PDI ll D0207 
 EIP zs 2015-01-23 E104FAV zs 2015-01-23 E105FAV zs 2015-01-09 D0207 
 GMU zs 2015-01-23 E105 BIS zs 2015-01-09 D105HSC zs 2015-01-30 D105 
 VYPe zs 2015-01-30 E105ACH zs 2015-01-30 E105BIO zs 2015-01-23 E105 
 PGR zs 2015-01-16 E104
GZN zs 2015-01-09 E112PKS zs 2015-01-16 E105 
 GAL zs 2014-12-19 G202 PKS zs 2015-01-09 E112 
Last modification: 2014-11-19

l - lecture, e - exercise, h - hw. laboratory, c - computer laboratory, z - exam, o - other
a - all weeks, e - even week, o - odd week, l - lecture weeks, s - single
T10/xxx - Technická 10

ACHProcessor Architecture
AEUEnglish for Europe
AISInformation Systems Analysis and Design
BIOBiometric Systems
BISInformation System Security
BMSWireless and Mobile Networks
C1PImplementing Cisco IP Routing (ROUTE)
EIPEconomics of Information Products
FAVFormal Analysis and Verification
FITHistory and Philosophy of Technology
GALGraph Algorithms
GMUGraphic and Multimedia Processors
GUXGraphical User Interfaces in X Window System
GZNGraphical and Sound Interfaces and Standards
HSCHardware/Software Codesign
KRGCreative Art
MATMathematical Structures in Computer Science
MOGMolecular Genetics
PBIAdvanced Bioinformatics
PCSAdvanced Digital Systems
PDBAdvanced Database Systems
PDIDistributed Application Environment
PGPAdvanced Computer Graphics
PGRComputer Graphics
PKSAdvanced Communication Systems
POVComputer Vision
PRMFundamentals of Law
ROSReal-Time Operating Systems
SENIntelligent Sensors
SFCSoft Computing
SINIntelligent Systems
STITheoretical Computer Science Seminar
TAMApplication Development for Mobile Devices
THEGame Theory
TINTheoretical Computer Science
VYPeCompiler Construction
ZZNKnowledge Discovery in Databases