Schedule for Winter Semester
of Academic Year 2018/2019

Currently running in the campus Božetěchova:

other14:00 - 14:50A218 Kruhová konzultace
other14:00 - 14:50C209 Jednání s firmou Alvao
Lecture13:00 - 15:50D0206BISInformation System Security
Lecture14:00 - 14:50D0207IELElectronics for Information Technology
Lecture14:00 - 14:50D105IELElectronics for Information Technology
Lecture14:00 - 16:50E104IALAlgorithms
Lecture14:00 - 16:50E105IALAlgorithms
Lecture14:00 - 16:50E112IALAlgorithms
other14:00 - 14:50G108 Kruhová konzultace
Lecture14:00 - 15:50G202PGPaAdvanced Computer Graphics (in English)
Computer laboratory13:00 - 14:50L306IELElectronics for Information Technology
other14:00 - 14:50L314 Kruhová konzultace
Computer laboratory12:00 - 15:50N103IZPIntroduction to Programming Systems
Computer laboratory12:00 - 15:50N104IZPIntroduction to Programming Systems
Computer laboratory12:00 - 15:50N105IZPIntroduction to Programming Systems
other14:00 - 17:50N203 U3V
Computer laboratory14:00 - 15:50N205IJAeJava Programming Language (in English)
Computer laboratory14:00 - 15:50O204PGRComputer Graphics
other11:00 - 14:50Q322 Cz.NIC
other11:00 - 17:50S206 Codasip
other14:00 - 14:50S207 Codasip

Lecture Groups

1BIA1st classBachelor study IT
1BIB1st classBachelor study IT
2BIA2nd classBachelor study IT
2BIB2nd classBachelor study IT
3BIT3rd classBachelor study IT
1EIT1st classMaster Information Technology in english
1MIT1st classMaster Information Technology
2EIT2nd classMaster Information Technology in english
2MIT2nd classMaster Information Technology
1DVIall classesPhD. Students
INTEall classesInternational Students
FITall classesFIT reservations
U3Vall classes

Božetěchova Classrooms

A112Lecture Room 641st floor, 64 persons
A113Lecture Room 641st floor, 64 persons
A211Laboratory2nd floor, 8 persons
A218Seminar Room2nd floor, 20 persons
C127.1Seminar Room 21st floor, 6 persons
C128Seminar Room 11st floor, 8 persons
C209Conference Room2nd floor, 30 persons
C211Laboratory2nd floor, 7 persons
C228Seminar Room2nd floor, 24 persons
C236Laboratory2nd floor, 15 persons
C304Cisco Laboratory3rd floor, 20 persons
D0206Lecture Room 154-2nd floor, 154 persons
D0207Lecture Room 90-2nd floor, 90 persons
D105Lecture Room 3001st floor, 300 persons
E104Lecture Room 721st floor, 72 persons
E105Lecture Room 721st floor, 72 persons
E112Lecture Room 1561st floor, 156 persons
G108Conference Hall1st floor, 50 persons
G202Lecture Room 802nd floor, 80 persons
L116Conference room1st floor, 24 persons
L118Videoconference room1st floor, 8 persons
L220Conference room2nd floor, 16 persons
L304Seminar room3rd floor, 12 persons
L305PC Architecture Laboratory3rd floor, 20 persons
L306Applied Microcontrollers Laboratory3rd floor, 20 persons
L311Reconfigurable Hardware Laboratory3rd floor, 20 persons
L314Seminar room3rd floor, 20 persons
L321Conference room3rd floor, 16 persons
M103Computer laboratory1st floor, 20 persons
N103Computer laboratory1st floor, 20 persons
N104Computer laboratory1st floor, 20 persons
N105Computer laboratory1st floor, 20 persons
N203Computer laboratory2nd floor, 20 persons
N204Computer laboratory2nd floor, 20 persons
N205Computer laboratory2nd floor, 20 persons
O105Robotic laboratory1st floor, 20 persons
O203Cisco laboratory2nd floor, 20 persons
O2043D graphics laboratory2nd floor, 20 persons
O205Network Laboratory2nd floor, 20 persons
P108Student-Academic Seminar Room1st floor, 70 persons
Q322Conference room3rd floor, 10 persons
R211Small Hall2nd floor, 50 persons
S206Meeting Room2nd floor, 20 persons
S207Conference Room2nd floor, 10 persons
S214Biometric Systems Lab2nd floor, 20 persons

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