Lecture Group INTE

International Students, all classes

Academic Year: 2018/2019   Semester: Winter

Monxx GJAe zs 2019-01-28 L221.1IZUe zs 2019-01-14 A113 
 GJAe zs 2019-01-21 L221.1project presentations 2019-01-07 L306 
 project presentations 2019-01-07 L306IALe zs 2019-01-14 A113 
Tuexx INCe zs 2019-01-15 L314 VYPa zs 2018-12-18 A112 
 IZUe ls 2018-12-18 A113 IZUe zs 2019-01-08 A112 
 IPKe zs 2019-01-08 C228 
Wedxx IALe zs 2019-01-23 C228 project presentations 2019-01-09 L306 
 project presentations 2019-01-09 L306 
 INCe es 2019-01-09 L314 
Thuxx ROSa zs 2019-01-24 A112 GJAe zs 2019-01-31 L221.1 
 ROSa zs 2019-01-10 A112 GJAe os 2019-01-10 L220 
Frixx INCe zs 2019-01-04 L314 Induction for 1EIT 2018-09-14 D0206 
Last modification: 2019-01-17

l - lecture, e - exercise, h - hw. laboratory, c - computer laboratory, z - exam, o - other
a - all weeks, e - even week, o - odd week, t - teaching weeks, s - single

GJAeGraphical User Interfaces in Java (in English)
IALeAlgorithms (in English)
INCeDigital Systems Design (in English)
IPKeComputer Communications and Networks (in English)
IZUeFundamentals of Artificial Intelligence (in English)
ROSaReal-Time Operating Systems (in English)
VYPaCompiler Construction (in English)