Computer Centre

The Computer Centre is an integral part of the Faculty of Information Technology. The centre guarantees the running of computer laboratories, servers and information systems. The computer laboratories in the Centre are utilised both for the scheduled teaching hours and working on projects, diploma projects and research projects.


Head of Computer Centre
   Lampa Petr, Ing.
Deputy Head of Computing Center
   Cejka Rudolf, Ing.
Computer Centre Operation
   Dupalová Helena    
System Integrator
   Gadorek Petr, Ing.    
Information System Administration
   Michal Bohumil, Ing.    
Network Manager
   Lampa Petr, Ing.    
System Manager
   Cejka Rudolf, Ing. Kaspárek Tomás, Ing. 
AVT administrator
   Skokanová Jana, Mgr.    
Technical staff
   Kreslík Frantisek, Ing.    
Property administration
   Zavadilová Marcela    
Audio/Video devices maintenance
   Jurícek Zdenek, Sr. Sobola Zbynek 
Service engineer
   Halas Jaromír Kreslík Martin 
   Vrska Ludek    
Computer Centre service
   Habrdová Stella Necasová Milena 
   Pagová Ywetta Samsonová Radomíra 

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