Department of Information Systems

Research of effective cryptographic methods to enhance the security of incoming communication technologies in the Internet of Things

Czech title:Výzkum efektivních kryptografických metod pro zvýšení bezpečnosti nastupujících komunikačních technologií v oblasti Internetu věcí
Research leader:Lichtner Ondrej
Team leaders:Sláčik Ján (FEKT VUT)
Agency:Brno University of Technology
Code:IGA FEKT/FIT-J-18-5434
Keywords:Vernam algorithm, Smart City
The Low-Power Wide Area Network is a field of completely new wireless communications technologies that provide connectivity for high-end devices, mainly in the Internet of Things (IoT), such as Smart Grid and Smart City. A big challenge in this perspective is the issue of ensuring reliable security of sensitive data. This project aims to research efficient cryptographic methods based on the Vernam algorithm and to enhance the security of these modern, promising communication technologies.

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